Jingshan To Debut New Equipment At Sinocorrugated 2011

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The largest carton and box packaging machinery manufacturing and export base in china, hubei jingshan light industry machinery stock will bring a series of new and advanced pieces of corrugated equipment to sinocorrugated 2011. Thanks to the steady growth of the domestic economy and a growing demand for high quality corrugated carton, automation, high efficiency, and low energy consumption will be key to the development of corrugated carton equipment. In light of industry and market projections, jingshan light industry machinery, to meet mediumterm and longterm market demand, has seamlessly integrated cuttingedge design concepts with sophisticated manufacturing technology. The manufacturer is going to display high speed, stable, energy conserving, high efficiency and highly automated machinery to visitors and fellow exhibitors at sinocorrugated 2011. Sjh gluer the glue applicator unit is modular in design. The entire module can be removed, allowing the glue applicator roll to quickly be changed. The machine&rsquos variable frequency drive saves energy while its newly designed glue tray effectively solves the problem of spinning at high speed . Hqe rotary knife the knife&rsquos servo control system can accurately locate and enforce cutting precision. The auto tailflick correction unit prevents the board from moving to one side in the order changing process thereby allowing double standard configuration. The knife&rsquos connection of chassis and machine body is adjustable, which allows for the finetuning of board diagonal errors. In tandem with the production management system, it features head and tail cutting when changing orders, malfunction display and system repair. Fyjc slitter scorer this slitter scorer&rsquos servo control bar knife allows for more accurate slitting. The standard configuration is zero scoring and there are three types of wheel combination the whole system has a standard configuration trim tracking system, which makes waste trim cutting more even and reduces waste. Dwh single facer the single facer&rsquos design speed can reach up to 450 mmin. It uses a downdraft quickchanging corrugating roll that requires 15 minutes for changing. The machine produces many types of corrugated board and has a corrugating roll diameter and a pressure roll diameter of up to &phi478mm. This width guarantees greater paper edge protection and facilitates corrugated mold. Ykc printer the printer offers full servo control and high printing precision. Spirit printing mold line the machinery is compact in structure and has a small footprint. Its low energy consumption and high production efficiency are among its most attractive features. Reaching speeds of up to 250300 piecesmin, the mold line is also easy to maintain. The feeder is driven by servo technology, thus the machine vibration is low and the precision is high. Stacking at the upper unit and ejecting at the lower unit eliminates scratching of the printing side. In addition, the auto glue making machine from heshun, a subsidiary of jingshan light industry machinery, will also be exhibited at sinocorrugated 2011. The machine can save glue making recipes and maintain optimized glue quality. It also eliminates quality defects caused by human error. Additionally, it is easy to operate. The annual sinocorrugated event is the premier exhibition in the corrugated industry. It is the ideal stage on which jingshan light industry machinery can display its advanced technologies and superior equipment. At the exhibition, jingshan light industry machinery will perform live demonstrations of its corrugated manufacturing machinery to let visitors evaluate the superior performance first hand. In the future, jingshan light industry machinery will always keep pace with changes in market demand and present efficient, costeffective paper product packaging system solutions. By providing paper product packaging equipment, that is reliable and based on innovative technologies, and professional services, jingshan will help customer succeed in their own businesses.

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