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"Invisible" innovation wins solid Gold in 30th edition of the world's most competitive packaging contest De Gouden Noot

The award ceremony for the 30th edition of the packaging innovation contest De Gouden  Noot took place on Thursday 8 October 2020 and was streamed live from the A'DAM  Tower. During this phenomenal evening, presented by Francesca Vanthielen, the solid  Gold and its runners up Silver and Bronze were awarded in what has evolved into the  world's most competitive packaging innovation contest. The honour for De Gouden Noot  2020 went to FiliGrade with its 'digital codes for recycling' (gold), followed by O-I with  Expressions (silver) and Eurotrol with their CueSee Ringe (bronze).

NVC (founded in 1953) is the  association of companies  addressing the activity of  packaging throughout the supply  chain of packaged products. The  NVC membership, projects,  information services and   education programme stimulate  the continuous improvement of  packaging.

This innovation in the field of digital coding represents a breakthrough in solving the  environmental problems that have arisen in recent years with the large-scale use of  plastic packaging. Packaging is the temporary integration of an external function and a  product to enable the use of the product; the world does this more than three hundred  thousand times every second and packaging in plastic is a large part of this. FiliGrade's  innovation makes it possible to uniquely code individual packs and, on the basis of the  information thus generated, to drastically improve the Collect-Control ("collection") and  Backend ("conversion" of emptied packs into materials for new applications) of  packaging. 

This innovation brings the world of creativity, personalised design and smaller series   into the field of glass packaging. Digitally printed and embossed beautiful glass bottles  
are a source of inspiration for many consumer markets worldwide - and thus for the  Jury of De Gouden Noot 2020.

With the gold standard of the glass ampoule (inert, safe, long lasting) as a starting   point, this innovation has significantly increased ease of use, safety and flexibility in  
many high-quality applications. The geometry of the bottom of the ampoule has been   redesigned in combination with a special ring to locally weaken the glass for controlled  
breaking of the ampoule. Any glass fragments are filtered out with a highly innovative   polyester woven material. The ampoule is held securely in the holder without breakage  
and leakage. This has been combined with elegant design and compliance with the most   stringent laws and regulations worldwide. 

More information 
All information about the ten finalists of this 30th edition of the packaging innovation  competition De Gouden Noot, the jury and the Award Ceremony which took place on  
Thursday 8 October 2020 in the A’DAM Tower Amsterdam, can be found at 

High-resolution photos on request at, telephone +31-(0)182-512411.  More information about Packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot: Corné Huijben.

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