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Innovation Integrated Stretch Palletizer For Nonwoven Products

 Nonwoven products are lightweight, compressible and &ndash consequently &ndash sensitive. In addition, their dimensions vary within certain tolerances. The unfavorable results of traditional palletizing methods are unstable stacks. In sum, we already have four good reasons to switch to a palletizer specifically designed for nonwovens.   The robot of the optima rtp 25 has a motordriven gripper equipped with angled edges at the bottom. This increases gripping security and operating speed. The angled edges allow significant reduction of the gripping force, so that the sensitive nonwoven products can retain its shape. Simultaneously, the device allows the use of a faster robot type.

Especially for lightweight disposable hygiene products, optima group nonwovens&rsquo rtp25 model&rsquos vertically moving frame is particularly suitable, as it firmly holds the compact and stable stack formations in place.   All movements are defined in the human machine interface. All product sizes, product types and positioning patterns per layer, wrapping methods and other specific procedures are defined and stored in the hmi, and any input can be performed during operation. However, there are no limits to layer and stacking patterns. And finally, the simple operation greatly reduces the risk of downtime and product damage as a result of incorrect programming.  

 The prestretched film used for securing the stack is wrapped by a system that continuously measures applied forces and controlling them according to the relevant setting. This is a highly protective approach for the lightweight nonwoven products, because the stack is wrapped without being moved on the pallet and it is kept firmly in place.

 Optima group nonwoven&rsquos method of simultaneously stacking and wrapping is unique in the market.   The user has many options wrapping intervals, the specific number of turns per layer, at the bottom and the top are optional. The operative tension of the film can be adjusted to the products to be transported and settings are saved in the machine control.  Additional modules such as inserters for tier sheets, top sheets, an empty pallet magazine for automatic feeding and a link to subsequent storage logistics are available.       Technical data overview   product dimensions length 150 &ndash 800 mm width 150 &ndash 650 mm height 150 &ndash 400 mm max. Weight 10 kg   stretcher material pe stretch foil stretch max. 250, to be preselected roll width 500 mm roll diameter 300 mm   palletizer pallet type     euro 800 x 1.200 mm                         industrial chep 1,000 x 1,200 mm stack height max. 2.200 mm incl. Pallet stack weight max. 500 kg without pallet layers per pallet max. 12 products per layer 4 &ndash 32 product input max. 25 productsmin. Pallet magazine 10 empty pallets discharge for one filled pallet   characters 2,746 contact   optima packaging group gmbh                             optima packaging group gmbh sabine gauger                                                        felix henning marketing director                                                   public relations 49 0791 5061410                                            49 0791 5061464                        optima machinery corporation cathy hendricks marketing manager 1 920 9833125     caption optima rtp 25 stacking and wrapping simultaneously