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Hrauf Set Sights On Highprofile Debut At Sinofoldingcarton 2011

Sinofoldingcarton 2011 will be held at the china international exhibition center in beijing from july 6 to july 8, where hörauf china machinery co. Ltd. Will be at booth 4d5160. Hörauf, a german binding and packaging equipment manufacturer, will display its automated machine for making highend case products the bdm 20 high quality automated case maker.the bdm 20 highquality automated case maker is a major model of the casemaking equipment series recently rolled out by hörauf china &ndash a wholly owned subsidiary of hörauf germany to the asian market. The machine has the same elegant design, perfect structural function and intuitive operation concepts of the german original. Its main accessories and components are all germanmade. Its capacity, together with the quality of the finished items it produces, are part of what make it the leader in china&rsquos binding and packaging the two years since hörauf established its shanghai subsidiary, the company has supplied around twenty bdm 20s to high profile foreign companies, public and private, in china. These machines have manufactured numerous fine products that have gone on to be sold locally and internationally. The items produced include bookcases, photo albums, files, calendar stands and packaging gift germany, hörauf has seven decades of machine manufacturing experience. The company stands for the highest level of technology in binding and packaging machinery. For over 30 years, hörauf has designed and produced case makers. Currently, there are more than 1,000 höraufmade machines in operation around the world.the bdm 20 is part of hörauf&rsquos series of classic case makers. Compared to similar types of equipment, it offers superior design, ease of use, precision of finished products and operational reliability. The machine&rsquos spec and technological components come from germany. Additionally, technical experts from the german office have relocated to shanghai to share their knowhow with local chinese hörauf staff.hörauf has designed several optional items to complement the bdm 20, in order to keep pace with developments in the chinese market. These, too, use original hörauf technology. The various options, including asymmetrical cases made of up to 7layerboard thin board of 0.6mm cases with less than 1mm hinge width special pu extensions to finalize the cover corners round corner devices and padded cases, are made to satisfy the individual demands of customers.the case maker, with its advanced core casemaking technology, has broken through the traditionally closed hard cover book case market to make stationery files, photo albums, account ledgers, game boards, desk calendars, highquality diaries, address books and certificates. It is also used to manufacture packaging cd and cell phone cases highend tobacco boxes wine and tea and moon cake china&rsquos standard of living rises, demand for varied stationery and packaging boxes is also growing. Today, a rising number of stationery and packaging producers need efficient, highquality case makers that offer enhanced capacity, better quality and can make products that are easy to process. This equipment supports low cost manufacturing and boosts competitiveness in the market. These companies hope to consolidate their market position and expand profits by having better equipment than their competitors. Hörauf&rsquos bdm 20 is the kind of device to help them realize this ambition.the bdm 20 offers numerous advantages· it can manufacture up to 60 cases per minute· the front and backboards are hopper fed into the machine and precisely registered by pushers to perfectly align with the cover material. Cover material is also          hopper loaded continuously without stopping the machine, transferred by gripper from the bottom of the pile to the gripper cylinder for adhesive application in            perfect register· board and cover are combined in a continuous rotating motion in perfect register. Next, they are processed through the rubdown station for bubblefree gluing· the cases are then transported to folding and pressing stations by means of a lifting transport assembly a balanced reciprocating arm with suction heads, which       allows for high production and precision and no scratches on the cover· in the downward movement of the transport suckers, the cover material extending over the board is folded 90 degree, and then drawn over the board with brush covered folding bars and the corner tucking fingers to ensure tight and accurate folds.the varied, intuitive designs of the bdm 20, such as it&rsquos gluing application with rubble blanket underneath its glue viscosity controller swinging board feeder board loading cover loading and its centrally located finished case unloading and operation panel, have greatly improved the machine&rsquos operational efficiency, while reducing labor and startup costs. The bdm 20, which also offers stable operation and long service life, has a better cost performance than similar pieces of equipment. With the setup of hörauf china, customers are guaranteed prompt and professional aftersales service, as well as efficient spare parts supply.hörauf china will showcase its bdm 20 highquality automated case maker at sinofoldingcarton 2011. The machine represents a major change in case making technology. Hörauf believes this is the right piece of equipment to help businesses set up quickly boost market share and improve profitability.