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Heinz Group Keeps On Growing

Heinz plastics group, producer of premium plastic packaging for cosmetics, aquires a controlling interest in böhm.kunststofftechnik and böhm.polytech.heinzglas, a company with a long tradition since 1622. The producer of premium glass bottles for cosmetics. Since then, heinzglas and plastics has increased its international activity and now produces glass and plastic packaging in ten locations worldwide.effective september 1, 2011, the heinz grouü absorb the nearly 30yearold family enterprise of böhm.kunststofftechnik, along with its subsidiary böhm.polytech, in its tettau branch.

The böhm companys product range is an outstanding supplement not only to heinz plastics but also to heinzglas, and it is a key contribution to the international growth strategy of the heinz group as a whole.böhm comes with 200 employees, raising the heinz groups number of employees to nearly 3500 and making it one of the countys largest employers. In 2011, with the acquisition of böhm, the total revenue of all heinz companies will for the first time well surpass the eur 300 million eur