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From Eco To Ego For Real Sustainable Development In Packaging

Ldquoreal progress in the sustainable innovation of packaged products requires a shift in emphasis towards human knowledge, ingenuity and creativity ego, away from ever more environmental calculations eco and detailed financial accounting.&rdquo this challenging thesis was presented by nvcdirector michael nieuwesteeg at the innovative packaging 2011 conference that took place in berlin, germany. Fifty packaging design and innovation experts gathered for the twoday meeting and discussed the latest trends and possible future developments.

Together, they also worked on a unique nvcworkshop addressing packaging design and the way drinking water could be available to participants of the innovative packaging conference in the year 2050.taking a longterm view both in history and into the future, nieuwesteeg analysed the three main aspects of sustainability people, planet and profit and their interdependence with packaging.

 Profit economy proves to be very dominant on a daytoday basis, but practically irrelevant over a longer time span. Planet environment should be integrated in any packaging design, with an emphasis on continuous improvement. For this purpose, companies should implement the upcoming world iso standards on packaging and environment. People, however, are crucial.

Nieuwesteeg &ldquothe most valuable resources of our planet are mankind&rsquos ingenuity and imagination. When packaging products, we must take our responsibility as human beings and professionals. This implies that companies, governments and institutions alike must educate and train their employees excellently and continuously. In addition to that, we must ensure that employees have access to reliable and relevant information about worldwide innovations and thereby can contribute to the sustainable packaging development in their companies.

 We ourselves are the key to real sustainable development in packaging&rdquoinnovative packaging 2012 will take place in berlin again on the 10th and 11th of october.more information not for publicationnvc netherlands packaging centre is a unique association in the field of packaging. With 14.000 individuals and more than 550 member companies, nvc is leading in information services, education and training and serving the interests of the packaging community. For more information go to or contact via 310182512411