CIPM 2017: Marchesini Group will show a customisable line designed to form and pack trays for syringes and vials

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Marchesini Group S.p.A.

Pianoro (Bologna) - From April 19 th to 21 th , the Marchesini Group will take part in CIPM Qingdao, the industry's must-attend show in China. Line on show at International Hall (Booth S1-10) will be made up of the automatic deep draw thermoformer FBZ 320 and the horizontal continuous-motion cartoner BA 400 Argento. This line can process up to 240 trays and cartons a minute.


The FBZ 320 is a highly-innovative, flexible and user-friendly machine, thanks also to its quick and simple size change-over operations. It is designed to form trays for a variety of products (in this specific case, syringes and vials) using thermoformable materials. It is ideal for pharmaceutical environments where medium to high production speeds are required.


The syringes are sent from the machine upstream or feeding manually hanging in single rows: they are timed by a synchroniser, which places them with continuous motion into the buckets of the plug-in conveyor. From here, they are picked up with positive-motion by the Robomaster, developed specifically to infeed and handle delicate and fragile products, as indeed are syringes and vials.


The Robomaster - the robotic 4 axes pick and place feeding system patented by the Marchesini Group and positioned between the forming station and the sealing station - is the heart of the machine.


Its main task is to pick up the product from the infeed belts and to place it into the thermoformed trays. The robot can be set with customised production programs to feed multiple kits and be equipped with the most appropriate product inlet system according to specific needs. In this case, the Robomaster performs a combined feeding cycle of two products: the syringes sent from the plug-in belt and the vials sent from the vibrating table. The outcome is a line configured with two different buffer systems, guaranteeing versatility and maximum production continuity.


The impressive loading capacity, precision and delicacy in picking up and placing, combined with the outstanding flexibility in the range of products that can be processed and the utmost simplicity in cleaning, make the Robomaster a fundamental element for the efficient operation of the line.


Depending on the customer’s requirements, the FBZ 320 can be personalised with a variety of solutions, among which is the possibility to feed the machine from two separate vibrating tables to increase flexibility in terms of product configurations. The solution exhibited at the trade fare - a ZERO-WASTE version with fast cutter, which increases speed and eliminates waste material - has an optional splicing controller and film buffer for non-stop splicing.


Downstream from the line, there is the horizontal high-speed cartoner BA 400 Argento, which continues the packaging process by inserting the trays with syringes and vials sent from the thermoformer into the carton.


Marchesini has been selling machines on the Chinese market for almost 20 years thanks to the Marchesini Shanghai brand. The local sales force deals with the sales and after-sales operations, as well as training specialised engineers and technicians so that they can assist Chinese customers in their every need.

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Antonio Leggieri
Corporate Communications Officer
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