Bericap Helps Water Filler To Improve The Package Opening Performance Of Its Consumer Products

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 Bericap&rsquos hexalite® 2925 successfully introduced at aguas de mondariz spainsince 1998, the galician water filler aguas de mondariz, has taken steps to reduce raw materials in their bottles and closures. It was the first water spring to convert the pvc bottle to pet, keeping always ahead of the technology and environmental commitments by producing their own pet preforms.

During the last 10 years a weight reduction of 10 on the bottle was a next step of light weighting the package, the neck was converted to a 2925 bottle neck achieving about 40 weight saving in the neck thus contributing to a better carbon footprint of the package.recently, aguas de mondariz chosed the bericap&rsquos hexalite® 2911 solution to convert 2 filling lines before end of 2010. At the beginning of 2011, bericap successfully converted the third filling line, getting the complete production of this premium water brand.the hexalite® 2911 closure is equipped with a slit and folded safety band flexband for efficient te performance, providing good anticounterfeiting feature at the same time, reliable and forgiving application also on highspeed lines.

 The sealing system has been designed for maximum tightness.aguas de mondariz marketing side pointed out the good performance of the closure for the consumer which justifies this investment and described the positive argument in their marketing campaigns, in magazines and newspapers.even more, the easy opening of the hexalite® was a major improvement versus the previous closure and was promoted on their shrink film onpack promotion on the 1,5l bottle &sbquonow, a new and environmental friendly closure, easier to open&lsquo. This information was highlighted with a specific color on the label to achieve highest recognition by the consumer.

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