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Being a very economic investment, amotek fb2 is a packaging machine that impresses with outstanding packaging quality and high output. The flowbagger is suitable for paper hygiene products, such as baby diapers and femcare products. Packages are produced from film rolls with great format flexibility and full automation being key characteristics. At the index, the machine will be exhibited along with the sierem st10 stacker. This stacker comes with a maximum alignmentstacking capacity of 1,200 units min. These two machines together process products that are up to 160 mm in length, 100 mm width and 25 mm in thickness. The finished package dimensions are 60 to 300 mm length, 30 120 mm width and 50 100 mm height. Maximum output of the machine combination is 120 packages per minute. Characters 817 contact optima packaging group gmbh                             optima packaging group gmbh             sabine gauger                                                        felix henningmarketing director                                                   public relations49 0791 5061410                                            49 0791                     optima machinery corporationcathy hendricksmarketing manager1 920 9833125     

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