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ACG Helps Prominent US Pharma Customer Improve Yield through Customized Dust Collection Modifications

ACG Capsules Technical Services Team implements dust diversion system that allows for formulation reuse, significantly reducing product waste and machine downtime.

Piscataway, NJ – ACG the only supplier in the world offering end-to-end manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry – recently helped a prominent US pharmaceuticals company increase batch yield for a product whose dust-prone formulation was resulting in unacceptable wastage of more than 5%. In 2019, modifications made by ACG Capsules Technical Services Team to the manufacturers’ four ACG capsule filling machines resulted in drastically reduced product waste and vastly diminished equipment downtime.

The project involved ACG’s AF-90T Capsules Fillers, which can produce up to 90,000 capsules per hour. The Capsule filling machine from ACG Engineering has become a preferred machine range at pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities around the world, with over 1,000 capsule filling machines installed and operating. Reliable and robust, the AF-90T is suitable for filling a wide range of formulations including powder, pellets and tablet-in-capsule.

The key issue was dust. Moderate build-up of dust – which of course isn’t actual dust but rather lost product – is endemic to most capsule filling operations, with the amount of dusting relying, in part, on the properties of the specific formulation being filled. As it ramped up production on a particularly dust prone drug, ACG’s customer realized that dust build-up was leading to product waste levels exceeding five percent and, due to frequent cleaning breaks, extended machine downtime.

Typically, excipient dust is collected via vacuum with an anti-dust component. While generally efficient, this results in waste of expensive formulation, as the particles collected here cannot be reused. Tasked with getting product waste beneath a stated two-percent threshold, ACG’s capsule engineer determined that, considering the intricacies of the customer’s formulation, reducing the dusting was not possible; this being the case, the best option was to collect the powder in such a way that it could be reused.

Utilizing custom-made attachments, ACG’s Capsule Technical Team designed and fabricated a dust collection unit made from stainless steel. Powder collected in the trays could then be reused with the formulation at regular intervals. At the same time, ACG modified the tamping plate assembly and eliminated bearing jamming to help prevent unnecessary downtime.

ACG then trained the pharma company’s production personnel on the new protocol, to ensure that the updated system was properly implemented.

The workaround worked even better than anticipated: product loss was cut to about 1.7 percent – well below the two percent expectation – and dust-related machine downtime was reduced to near-zero.

“This project showcases ACG’s willingness and ability to maximize the efficiency our equipment has at our valued customers’ facilities,” said Dan Pereira, Global Head of Technical Services for ACG Capsules. “In a landscape as diverse and crucial as pharmaceuticals manufacturing, some formulations will inevitably require innovative, out-of-the-box thinking to design solutions that ensure long-term production viability.”
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