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LATEST NEWS Saffola Honey unveils new packaging on Sundarbans Day The new campaign aims to generate excitement and anticipation surrounding the new Saffola Honey Active pack, which embodies the brand's promise of natural and unadulterated honey sourced from forests and pristine regions including Sundarbans.Marico Limiteds Saffola Honey is all set to introduce a packaging refresh for its Saffola Honey Active on the occasion of Sundarbans Day, February 14. The bra Read More Yaza to launch labneh dairy product in USA in Greiner’s K3 cardboard-plastic cup The design and shape of Greiner Packagings K3 solution is manufactured to provide functional benefits, ensuring ease of handling and portion control for consumers.Greiner said the cardboard wrap on Greiner Packagings innovative K3 cardboard-plastic combination provides stability, so the cup can be produced with particularly thin walls, and uses less plastic than competitors.It insists the cup and Read More Egg box solution delivers time and carbon savings The business said online ordering of fresh ingredient meal kits has soared over the past few years. One client was said to be dissatisfied with its existing packaging for individual hens eggs. Antalis explained the die-cut box took over 40 seconds to assemble and pack. With over 8,000 eggs per week sometimes being sent, it was both laborious and costly.Antalis solution was a moulded, self-locking,
LATEST NEWS ProAmpac launches recyclable high-barrier fibre packaging ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt is suitable for various products, including chilled cooked meats, cold cuts, sliced cheese and fish.According to the company, FibreSculpt offers a wide range of sustainability benefits. It is lightweight, reducing packaging compared to alternatives like thermoformed materials. Engineered to maintain thermoforming line speed, it increases yield per roll, enhancing t Read More Groundbreaking Partnership: Accredo Packaging and Fresh-Lock Unveil Eco-Friendly, Child-Resistant Stand-Up Pouch API Group and its subsidiary, Accredo Packaging, known for manufacturing sustainable packaging solutions in the food and consumer products sectors, have partnered with the Fresh-Lock team at Presto Products, a division of Reynolds Consumer Products. Together, they have unveiled a groundbreaking flexible stand-up pouch, utilizing over 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content suitable for food packa Read More Harpic Unveils More Sustainable Toilet Block
LATEST NEWS Polytag and Biffa partner to deliver “unprecedented” packaging lifecycle data Recycling technology company Polytag and sustainable waste management company Biffa have partnered as part of plastics, resource, efficiency and recycling charity RECOUPs 26-week long Bottle to Bottle project, in conjunction with label printer Interket UK and Arla Foods and Mller Milk & Ingredients.The project will see Co-ops water bottles and Aldi and Ocados milk marked with UV 2D tags, print Read More Pringles invests £86M in household recyclable paper-based packaging tubes The eco-packaging has been tested by the companys packaging experts to make sure it protects the saddle-shaped chips and keeps them fresh for 15 months as the previously used can.The new packaging landed exclusively in Tesco stores and online last week before being rolled out to other supermarkets later this year. The tubes are also available in One Stop stores, part of the Tesco Group. Around 48 Read More Capri-Sun adopts ‘stronger’ paper straws in pursuit of recyclability
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LATEST NEWS Schär Seeds a Better World with Innovative Plastic Packaging Dr. Schr is cutting plastic in its wholesome bread range packaging by 15%, addressing environmental concerns associated with plastic use in the food sector.The company aims to make all Schr branded product packaging recycled, recyclable, and compostable across its portfolio of over 200 products.Wholesome Loaf, a popular product, introduces new packaging that reduces plastic use by 38%.In the food Read More Green Juju pivots to more sustainable packaging This is something weve wanted to do for a while, and were glad that weve finally made it happen, said Kelley Marian, founder of Green Juju. Weve gotten great feedback already from store owners and anyone whos had a chance to get a sneak peek.Green Jujus Raw Goats Milk line includes three variations of 100% pure goats milk without added probiotics. The company offers raw goats milk, goats milk ferm Read More INEOS Inovyn expands its PVC product range offering new solutions for carbon neutrality and circularity INEOS Inovyn introduces NEOVYN, the new PVC range with a reduced carbon footprint meeting 2030 market targets on GHG reductions;BIOVYNTM, our current bio-attributed PVC, is optimised to progressively reach a carbon neutral footprint, becoming the net zero option;For circularity, RECOVYNTM completes the new Sustainable PVC Portfolio, for customers aiming to increase recycled content with PVC.T
  Trust you are doing well. Once the wise man said, if you read 3 Books on the particular topic, you would be an expert compared to the 99% population. Here we present The Big Of Packaging which will make you an expert in the packaging topic. The Big Book of Packaging is to make your life simple and less complicated. This book covers all the relevant topics of packaging that need our attention almost every day. This book will help you answer the basic questions that you do not get answers to easily and will solve many of your packaging issues in a scientific manner. The Big Book of Packaging: The book is a reference guide for understanding Packaging Materials, Properties, Manufacturing Processes, Test Procedures and allied areas. The same is solely based on study and research done by the research team of  Salient features of the book: The book includes comprehensive data on each topic which is not readily available and can help Packaging Student, Packaging Professional, Packaging Enthusiast, Packaging Company (End user or a Supplier) to have complete understanding of the concepts. Pictorial representations (tables, pictures, diagrams) are given to make concept easily understandable.  Trouble-shooting of many processes giving details on probable problems, reasons and the possible solutions. Material testing of different Packaging Materials. Detailed schematic diagrams for better understanding of the processes or manufacturing steps. About The Author: Mr. Sandeep Kumar Goyal, Founder & CEO of "Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd." is an Elite Packaging Professional; an Alumnus of First Batch of Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai (HQ), India. He also holds M.S. in Packaging from Rochester Institute of Technology, United States; along with accreditations from IOM3 & IOPP to his credit. To read more and to see what buyers have to say about the book, visit us online at: Purchase book link:  at Amazon (India) or Amazon (Outside India) If you need any further information, please feel free to connect with us at Thanks, and have a wonderful day ahead. Team   Continue Reading Further Packaging Information On Follow Made Updates At Share News / Events at SANEX PACKAGING CONNECTIONS PVT LTD. 117 Suncity Business Tower. Golf Course Road Gurgaon - 122002, India. +91 124 4965770.
Shri Ram Mandir, popularly known as Ayodhya Ram Mandir, is a Hindu temple located in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India (Bharat). As the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shri Rama and is believed to have been built at Ram Janmabhoomi (the birthplace of Lord Shri Rama). This Ram Temple reflects the cultural and spiritual heritage associated with Lord Rama and holds immense cultural and religious significance for the Hindus. India’s greatest strength lies in the idea that no single religious, linguistic, ethnic, or social identity forms the basis of our nation, which requires vigilance on our part to avoid the problematic fusion of religion and the state. Today 22nd January 2024 is the day for the temple consecration ceremony. It’s a proud moment not only for Indians but for everyone globally, as we say वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम | Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is One Family! And we bow to Lord Rama.   May we also ask you to bless this occasion with your kind wishes!   With joy, Team PackagingConnections!   LATEST NEWS LUMENE Collaboration strengthens the role of circularity in cosmetics packaging with UPM BioVerno and UPM Raflatac ForestFilm A holistic approach to sustainable packaging takes LUMENE closer to its sustainability goals in close-knit collaboration with UPM Biofuels and UPM Raflatac. Discover how UPM BioVerno naphtha and UPM Raflatac Forest Film labeling material strengthen the role of circularity at LUMENE in their most used packaging with an over 60 tonne annual reduction in fossil plastics and lower CO2 emissi
LATEST NEWS Launches New Rackable Foldable Sleeve Pack The CabCube 3.0 3R the latest model in the range measures 1235mm x 830mm x 954mm when assembled and has a folded height of just 239mm. Weighing 43kg and offering a volume of 722 litres, the unit has a static load capacity of 1500kg, and a dynamic and racking load capacity of 500kg. Warehouse managers will be able to stack a maximum of 1+5 units (at 250kg each).This new product features three run Read More Ego Pharmaceuticals: Double down on climate action with renewable UPM Raflatac Forest Film Climate change is an urgent topic in Australia. Ego Pharmaceuticals is committed to mitigating global warming with sustainable and innovative products. Fully renewable UPM Raflatac Forest Film takes Ego Pharmaceuticals' climate mission a step forward.TAKEAWAYS1. Ego Pharmaceuticals is Australias leading producer of innovative dermatological skin care products. The company's sustainability pri Read More A Playful and Modern Design for Asda’s Pet Food
LATEST NEWS Sainsbury’s swaps mushroom punnets from plastic to cardboard Sainsburys has switched its own-brand mushroom punnets from plastic to cardboard, in a move which will save over 775 tonnes of plastic, equivalent to 52 million pieces of plastic a year.The swap marks the retailers biggest single plastics removal in its history equivalent to the weight of 43 full London double-decker buses.The change will be rolled out to all 13 own-brand lines including whole ba Read More Aptar Closures introduces recyclable flow control dispensers for food & beverage True to its name, SimpliCycle provides ease and function by streamlining mechanical recycling. Comprised of low-density thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the valves float during the recycling sorting process, separating them from the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stream; from there, they are recycled in the polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) stream. When assembled into a compatible Aptar clo Read More Parle-G replaces iconic girl's image with this Instagram influencer's face
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