Wow packaging by Microsoft for its new Adaptive Controller

Wow packaging by Microsoft for its new Adaptive Controller

Microsoft announced via a blog post that its new Adaptive Controller for people with limited mobility will also feature accessible packaging to ensure that players can unbox the device with minimal fuss.


Marshall and Weiser said that the team worked with with a number of beta testers over an extended period of time to ensure that all of the elements of the package had the greatest amount of accessibility for the variety of factors people with limited mobility face. They say that every aspect of the packaging was considered from "breaking the seal" to trying to ensure individual components could be easily removed.
"There’s lots that can be done in the ‘accessibility’ packaging space, but for this job, we were focused on making the packaging more accessible in the area of mobility, specifically," the blog post says. "We also heard how painful twist ties, zip cords and paper that can cause cuts can be—things commonly overlooked by many, but which become so much more difficult for people with limited mobility to navigate."

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