The development of this folding carton had three objectives: (1) avoiding mix-ups of two different medications, (2) saving costs by eliminating the plastic separators and additional labels, and (3) simplifying the non-valueadding processes of the packaging procedure.


The original package consisted of two different medicines in blister packs and an inhaler separated by plastic separators and labels. Significant cost saving was achieved by eliminating the plastic separators and additional labels. The new design ensures that the two different medications are not mixed up and firmly keeps the three products of various structures in place as well as permitting easy access to the products. Furthermore, this innovation resulted in simplification of the non-value adding processes of the packaging procedure. Lean and agile manufacturing trends are shaping the future of pharmaceuticals, and this innovative compact design fully fits the industry’s new approach. The key to this particular pack and the most appealing aspect was the consumer benefit. As with all packaging in this category, care of the consumer through clarity of communication is key. The design structure clearly separates the 2 different medications and yet also accommodates 3 products of different structures. Plastic separators from the previous packaging have also been eliminated.

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