Transport packaging for bumpers

Transport packaging for bumpers

Recyclable paper based bumper packaging.

•This Packaging designed for car bumpers capable of improving transport and optimize its storage, allowing customers to dispense with metal bumpers to transport packaged only with a paper sack.  The production of this packaging has been carried out in collaboration with SEAT  and explained from Font Packaging Group, "allows customers to dispense with the metal cage to bumper transporting packaged only with a paper sack.” This 100% recyclable and reusable has advantage of saving logistics costs, product protection and saving storage space. 

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  • anon
    jyoti sharma (not verified)

    This kind of packaging depends on the weight of the product. Transport packaging works to protect goods while they are in transit, and because most shipments are subject to more than one mode of transportation throughout their journey, packaging needs to be designed to stand up to both local and export conditions.

    May 09, 2018
  • anon
    http://holisoll... (not verified)

    Finished vehicles can be transported using multiple packaging methods. Whether you would like to save logistics cost and increase vehicle load ability over longer distances or your needs are based on saving assembling and disassembling costs over short distance transportation.

    May 11, 2018

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