Syringe Pack equipped Electronic Compliance Monitor

Med-ic Syringe Pack equipped with Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor) Technology, Submitted by Intelligent Devices SEZC Inc (IDI) for Information Mediary Corporation


Med-ic is an electronic compliance monitor that addresses non-compliance with prescribed medication by monitoring medication taking behaviour in real time, tracking each dose removed by the patient. The entry submitted was a syringe package that not only would record the date and time a syringe was removed, but it allowed the patient or caregiver to indicate the injection location on a body part, upper arm, abdomen, buttocks or thigh. Med-ic can also monitor storage temperature to ensure product integrity. Med-ic creates a smart medicine package which keeps a history of the exact time the patient removed each tablet, capsule or syringe and can fit child-resistant packaging. This is a very ambitious packaging system attempting to promote patient compliance as well as ensure product safety and security. The downloadable app and interactive package should be very helpful for patients. The embedded electronic tag will be very effective in registering package opening, and I wonder whether it could also play a role in tamper evidence. The status indicator light for demonstrating product temperature safety will also be very helpful to patients. The numbering system for indicating injection site should be helpful, too, but without adjacent labeling support, it could be slightly confusing. Patients might be tempted to push the buttons before fully understanding their purpose. There is a lot of potential for on-package labeling instructions, product branding, and other compliance-prompting features.

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