Speedpack Hybrid order fulfillment has been developed to optimize the packaging process for webshops and warehouses. This flexible packaging solution can be operated from both tube film and rollbags, and can be extended by a barcode scanner, thermic printer and many other accessories.


The Speedpack Hybrid for order fulfillment is operated by a “next bag out” principle, creating and filling a bag only when all essential order information has been printed onto the bag (client info, product, quantity, address, etc).

The printer or labeller can be connected to an external PC of a barcode scanner. This packaging system enables an accurate and efficient order fulfillment process, being twice as fast as manual packaging in order fulfilment.

Each bag a unique label;
Controlled bag opening system;
Wide range of infeed and outfeed options
Printer (next bag out configuration)
Heavy product clamps
Seal support conveyor
Swivel mount bracket printer

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