Reusable waste removal bag

Reusable waste removal bag

Reusable ‘Leaf Burrito’ bag satisfies hunger for sustainable packaging in North Carolina


Marc Mataya, Charlotte, NC, resident and serial inventor, created the Leaf Burrito, a reusable yard waste removal bag, which is designed to help eliminate detrimental single-purpose plastic bags. Currently in use in Charlotte, the Leaf Burrito won the 2017 Sustain Charlotte Award in the Waste Reduction category. The goals of Leaf Burrito are to - Help reduce the amount of plastic pollution by keeping plastic bags out of landfills and Make the arduous task of bagging leaves, hedge and garden clippings, and grass clippings a simple and eco-friendly experience. Other goal is to give back to our communities through local Greenway development organizations. Each Leaf Burrito holds 4+ large lawn bags worth of leaves and starts completely flat for instant loading then “burritos up” with heavy-duty zippers.  It’s made of a custom heavy-duty mesh that will not collect water such as through condensation as with plastic trash cans and paper bags.


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