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Printable Can Ends From Ball


Ball&rsquos new pure brand end printable can end has the ability to render images of people or even human lips to differentiate a brand on the shelf and compete with pet beverage bottles.a printable can end that can display a variety of graphic visuals, part of the metal packaging industry&rsquos new campaign to spruce up the image of the metal can as a retail shelf differentiator. Ratingen, germanybased ball europe is testing a foil that can print in as many as 10 colors and cover the end completely, including the seal and opening. The preperforated foil is attached to the end with a hotwax glue that forms an adhesive and prevents the end from detaching. Ball claims the can and foil are completely recyclable, although some sources in the recycling industry contend the glue could become an issue in some recycling systems. As important to ball is the continued option for the metal beverage industry to produce a can that can compete aesthetically with other formats and strengthens the ability of cans to be an image maker. The printable closure, named the pure brand end, is particularly applicable to the beverage market, where ball plans to work with global consumer packaged goods cpg companies on new branding opportunities that could spike the use of metal packaging.ball&rsquos printable ends allow the company to use the same highly visible graphics on both the can and the end, instead of leaving a colorless and unbranded end that defeats the idea of a sharperlooking can.