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POP Display for laundry care

DS Smith'have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display specifically for the promotion-related presentation of a laundry care cloths series in the retail trade. The attention-grabbing display distinguishes itself through its eye-catching effect from a distance. The body, resembling the shape of a washing machine, tells the shopper what it is about immediately. Washing and laundry care are placed in the focus of interest. The 1/4 pallet display for the promotion-related presentation of the laundry care cloths series convinces also through its space for 180 product items. Colour scheme and open design direct the shopper's gaze straight on to the presented merchandise, which can be picked up and refilled easily. DS Smith’s display provides an impressive presentation for the colour and dirt collector cloths, the laundry white cloths and the laundry black cloths of BRAUNS-HEITMANN. The laundry basket arranged on top with a slight inclination and filled with merchandise ensures a convenient insight and is a design particularity as well as a special eye catcher. The Display is rounded by the printed tile patterns on the basement). The design described above allows BRAUNS-HEITMANN to select between different types of assortment. The display can also be used for other product groups from the product range of “laundry care”, due to its height-adjustable shelves. The number of products can be reduced with the help of covers for placement in smaller retail spaces. The displays will be delivered to the retailer in a pre-filled state. Transport pads ensure safe shipment and provide maximum protection of the merchandise.