Paper Packaging-Geami WrapPak

Eco friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap

It is the eco friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap. With this wrapping material is created at the pack station and thus saving valuable space and time in the process.
This is a patented die-cut kraft paper which expands in a honeycomb structure. In combination with tissue paper it gives both superior protection and perfect presentation to your wrapped items.
For some, presentation is everything. Think about the packages you receive. What does the in-the-box packaging look like? Is it messy? Is it difficult to unwrap? How does it present? This packaging can provide you with a superior presentation of your products, as well as a positive experience when your customers unpack their order.
It is cost effective than bubble packaging
  • 40 rolls of Geami WrapPak (one pallet) = 116 rolls of bubble wrap
  • Use less packaging material
  • No tape needed (angled cells can be locked together)
  • Paper is up to 60% faster in use
  • Better protection = reduced damages during shipment
  • Less storage space needed

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