Packaging for Fermented Products

Packaging for Fermented Products

This kimchi jar is a real breakthrough in terms of packaging science and innovation. It combines a very traditional product with contemporary, high-tech packaging.


 A clever incorporation of multiple existing technologies from different markets (including channeled lids and membrane with valve), the new kimchi jar achieves perfect sealing, gas emission, and fermentation. The gas channels in the lid allow the gas to vent through the closed lid as the product continues to ferment inside the jar. The pressboard was designed with the identification of the shape of the traditional Korean style, and the ingredients were pressed to suppress yeast production and to maintain the taste for a long time.  It is designed and developed to have a push plate seating structure and a broth prevention function when pulling out. The modern jar has a connection to the past, enhancing the consumer experience by preserving the traditional look and feel of the beloved ceramic kimchi jar. While it preserves the shape of the traditional jar, it has all the advantages of advanced materials and technology, decoration techniques, and good ergonomics of the cap. This remarkable integration of many known technologies together in one package is especially innovative because it allows CJ Cheiljedang to use plastic to contain a highly aromatic product. The Bibigo kimchi jar combines tradition and science from CJ Cheiljedang .

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