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packaging is edible at brazilbased fast food chain


bob&rsquos, a brazilian fast food chain, is tackling the environmental influence of food packaging by offering a burger wrapper that is completely edible. bob&rsquos, which is the south american franchise, is wrapping food in a paper that is derived from rice, which customers can wash down with a side of coke and fries. nbs, which is the retailer&rsquos advertising agency, first worked out the advertising campaign to illustrate the irresistibility of food, but the stunt took an unpredicted turn for the better. instead of removing the wrapper of their food before eating, customers simply started biting straight into the wrapped product. according to bob&rsquos, no wrappers were left in the restaurant following the campaign, suggesting the innovative concept is one path to provide an environmentallyfriendly answer to litter. packaging is an inevitable part of a lot of food distribution, and yet is an environmental difficulty when it ends up contributing to litter and landfills. before this one, many projects such as canada&rsquos tiffin project that offers a tiny reusable tin for takeaway consumers to put their food. however, now bob&rsquos fast food chain&rsquos marketing campaign in brazil has invented another solution &ndash by making edible packaging. this innovation was conceived with the help of nbs, an advertising agency. the restaurant franchise wrapped its burgers in a type of rice paper that is possible to be eaten along with the burger. so, instead of unwrapping the food, consumers were able to bite into the wrapped product. the intention behind the campaign was to illustrate the mouthwatering taste of burgers. however, according to the company, no wrappers were left in the eatery following the campaign, suggesting the idea could give an environment friendly solution to litter. although the texture and taste of the paper might not have complimented the burger, bob&rsquos took a step forward fighting the sustainability problem with packaging. now the main question is could this campaign be carried out on a permanent basis source of information httpwww.springwise.comecosustainabilityatbrazilbasedfastfoodchainpackaginged...