Nivea Men alu creme tin

Nivea Men alu creme tin

The NIVEA MEN Creme tin convinced the jury with its clear translation of the key visuals in the packaging: “After introducing the new NIVEA MEN design vocabulary and the new round logo in 2013, the world-famous blue NIVEA tin will now have a masculine counterpart. Made out of aluminium, the new NIVEA MEN tin is a direct transposition of the brand logo with its characteristic start button design. Featuring a screw cap, a slip-proof ribbed profile and stackable ridges on the top and bottom, the new NIVEA MEN tin is a distinctive tool for intuitive, no-frills men’s care. Thorough and comprehensive.”


Creation of an additional iconical male packaging format - next to existing unisex NIVEA cream. Male design – MEN logo included in lid, circular beads at tin -2 step lid embossing – innovation in the market! 1st step: all around stackable edging. 2nd step: “NIVEA” embossing (typos).

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