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new bottle reduces milk waste


through this new change, fonterra&rsquos anchor brand will be introducing a new bottle that is triple layered and light proof. the new triple layered light proof bottle is still recyclable hdpe, and as with current hdpe can be made into other products in new zealand, for example their fonterra milk for schools recycling bins that are manufactured by sulotalbot, which contain about 60 recycled milk bottle content. to make sure they maximize the worth of the end commodity, recyclers will have to separate these latest bottles from clear milk bottles. the new bottle will reduce the amount of milk that is wasted at home existing waste estimated at 7, as the milk will &lsquopass the sniff test&rsquo all over its shelf life. editor&rsquos note in simple words, the innovative bottle blocks out light, which obviously means that the milk smells and tastes fresher for longer period of span, meaning people are less likely to discard it out though it is still safe to drink. with this latest bottle design, fonterra have also lessened by 10 the quantity of waste to landfill from their takanini plant by altering to a recyclable label backing. source of information