Multilayer PET Bottle

Multilayer PET Bottle

This PET bottle for Vichy Catalán mineral water is the the 1.2 litre made from multilayer PET with a more ergonomic and manageable design that includes an engraving of a Gaudí mosai.


VICHY CATALAN 1,2 (EL FORMATO MÁS CÓMODO Y RESISTENTE) is one of a mythical brand among European mineral waters.Its genuine flavor and indisputable mineral-medicinal properties constitute its solid prestige among consumers and professionals of the gastronomy. Its presence is habitual in the most recognized establishments of the sector of the hotel and catering industry of the whole world. The same Vichy Catalan as ever but in a stronger, more user-friendly and sustainable bottle. Its unique mineral-medicinal and digestive properties, natural and refreshing flavour. We are oriented to sustainable products with a Polyethylene bottle, label and cap, which facilitates recycling.

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