Medicines Monitor Uses E-Ink Technology

Palladio Group, which specialises in developing packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, and E Ink® Holdings, an innovator in electronic ink technology, has launched PhutureMed, an advanced packaging solution for the sector.

PhutureMed incorporates features to monitor the quality of medicines shipped to patients and improve the adherence of patients to prescribed drug therapies. It has an integrated E Ink display and sensors to constantly monitor the ambient conditions of the medication. The E Ink display shows the patient or customer any events that occur outside the required handling conditions, even if the batteries are completely drained.

It can also be programmed to record all accesses to the pack, providing a time log when the medication was taken by the patient. This information can be recalled, analyzed and shared with practitioners.

 “We always had a vision to incorporate intelligence into our packaging solutions,” said Gabriele Iannizzotto, Palladio Corporate Product & Innovation Manager. “E Ink’s low power electronic ink technology was the only display product that provided a rugged, easily visible solution that could deliver the type of product we envisioned.”



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