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light weight paper lid


paper foodservice business has designed an onepiece, fiberbased paper lids.this lid is sustainable, easy to use and provide good branding options.the design features the lid with one layer compared to traditional lids with two layers and specially designed pleats that sit up against the rim of the food container.this singleuse paper lids use less material, weighing up to 45 less than other paper lids.the fiber used in producing the paper lid and food containers meets sustainable forestry initiative sfi chainofcustody standards.the pleated design, with its absence of vents, means the top of the lid presents a smooth print surface for high quality customised printing.furthermore, the lid features a specially designed &lsquotuckunder&rsquo so when it is placed on the container it snaps onto the rim to help secure it &ndash even if the container is accidentally tipped over.