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“Our experience and the reputation that Koehler brings with it are decisive for sustainable success in the Indian market” says Sunil Bhatia, Sales Manager at Java Paper Group. The company will assume responsibility for sales and marketing of Koehler’s flexible packaging paper in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Koehler is also confident it’s found the right business partner. “Java Paper Group is a family business, just like Koehler”, says Eckhard Kallies, Head of Flexible Packaging Paper at Koehler. “Since the company is one of the first FSC-certified dealers in India, they also fit in perfectly with our sustainability strategy”. Significant growth in the Indian packaging market Java Paper Group was founded in 1980. The 36 employees are focused on customers in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. “Our mission statement is: ‘We support your success with sustainable solutions made of paper and cardboard’,” explains Bhatia. “This is how our customers know and appreciate us”. The market for flexible packaging paper is seeing notable growth in India. Some publications predict growth rates of 10 percent. Even more conservative estimates are very much optimistic. And sustainability is also now being discussed on the subcontinent. Koehler solutions Offer many possibilities Indian legislators are currently scrutinizing single-use plastic. Plastic bags have already been banned and the use of paper bags is increasing. Bhatia sees a large market in India for Koehler’s NexPlus Seal heat-sealable packaging paper. And Kallies is also optimistic. “India is a highly interesting market, of course, and not just because of its large population. We are also seeing a shift in thinking towards sustainability. Here, of course, we offer the right products to support this development”. In addition to the NexPlus line, Koehler also produces uncoated paper in the NexCoat line and uncoated paper in the NexPure line. These are now marketed by the Java Paper Group in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. In addition, Koehler also covers the area of rigid packaging with high-quality cardboard boxes made of virgin fiber and recycled paper and offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio in the packaging paper segment.

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Java Paper Group has almost 40 years of experience. Flexible packaging paper also making their mark in Asia. Long-term partnership for sustainable success.

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