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Intelligent packaging for infant foods

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Pfrieslandcampina Have Adopted Kezzlers Serialization Technology To Deliver Supply Chain Visibility For Their Infant Formula Brands As Well As Providing A Way For Stakeholders Throughout The Supply Chain To Validate Their Products In Realtimep

The project involves the application of unique, secure and traceable identities in the form of codes to the brand. By creating a fully connected supply chain from production to consumption, the solution supports confidence in the brand by eliminating concerns about counterfeiting as well as enabling FrieslandCampina to engage consumers directly, says the company.

The codes are generated using Kezzler’s patented encryption technology. For each unit of FRISO Gold, Prestige or FRISOMUM a first QR code is located under the can to be used for track & trace purposes. A second QR code will be placed inside the product and provides a channel for direct consumer engagement, including loyalty programs and promotions.