The innovative response to the rising trends of precise drug application- Microbristle Applicator

The innovative response to the rising trends of precise drug application- Microbristle Applicator

MBA™ precise and hygienic application systems are the perfect solutions for topical application of liquid and semi-solids drugs: helping patients and care-givers to put the right quantity of drug on a small surface in a repeatable way.


MBA™ main benefits

Combined deposition and application

Increased precision of application: precise track or dot, reaching hidden areas; adjusted rigidity and perfect resilience

Increased dosage precision with simple devices: consistent and patient-independent

Systems hygienic and pure, using only pharma grades

Drawbacks of other application systems (fingers, cotton tips, nail brushes, spatulas…) avoided, such as lack of application, precision and dosage, fibers detachment, poor hygiene, lack of sterility.

Various material grades adapted to expected application results

Systems easy to process (standard filling and handling) and to use (intuitive for patients)

MBA™ applications example

Skin care products, dermatology (Rx, OTC, Cosmetic), for eg: Wound treatments, Anti-fungals, Anti-warts

Nail and cuticle treatments

Foot care

Oral / Labial care, for eg: Herpes, Aphtas, Mucus membrane treatment

Dental products, for eg: gum treatment, bleaching, preparation application Eye care, for eg: ointment application, infections, lashes/brow growth and treatment, eyelid drug deposition

Hair and scalp treatments

Animal health


If patients can easily find deposition systems for liquid / semi-solid drugs, they face a real lack of suitable application systems for these drugs, in particular if looking for precise and hygienic dosing with pharma applicators. Therefore, we have used our expertise in injection molding technology and patented processes to provide systems that combine these two attributes to fulfill pharmaceuticals and cosmetics needs: these systems uses the technology of extremely fine and soft micro-bristle applicators (MBA™); offering a precise, gentle, hygienic and simple way to apply products on various body areas.

Key characteristics MBA™:

Applicator with a density of bristles > 6 bristles/mm²

Length of each bristle is ten times bigger related to its basis diameter

Standard applicators: Up to 62 bristles and 6.7 bristles per mm²

Main design characteristics

Various possible platforms

Dip-in (patient dips applicator in the formulation and then applies it)

Flow-through (patient presses a container with formulation, allowing product to flow between the micro-bristles)

Various usage formats

Single usage dip-in applicator sticks

Single usage flow-through applicators on mono dose tubes and Blow Fill Seal (BFS)

Multiple-use applicators mounted on caps, tubes, pumps

Industrial collaboration to partnership for containers

Fully customized concepts

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