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innovative liner banishes air bubbles for graphic arts products


mondis release liner business launches the airxliner cck, the first structured claycoated kraft cck paper liner ever developed. as a cckbased liner, the airxliner allows faster converting speeds and prevents bubbles from forming during the application of a selfadhesive graphic arts product to its end use. airxliner cck can thus be used for a variety of products.until now, structured liners have only been available on pck polycoated kraft paper. airxliner cck brings clear advantages to our customers in the graphic arts market, says jurgen van der donck, sales & marketing director of mondi release liner. we listened to our customers needs for faster, more efficient application of their graphics products. the result is airxliner cck, a structured claycoated liner that will with most adhesive films banish bubbles instantly and has a greater heat resistance for faster, more costefficient production and application of a laminate.compared to plain liners, structured cck liners perform better by creating an air egress function that eliminates bubbles or wrinkles when the backing material is applied. ridges on the liner create channels in the adhesive layer that show their full effect during the final application of the pressuresensitive adhesive pvc film. jurgen van der donck continues these new product features improve both time and cost efficiency by accelerating the liner application and thereby significantly reducing conversion costs.compared to pck liners, cck liners are more heat resistant and allow higher converting speeds during production. cck liners are found mainly in plotter film applications and overlaminating films.the airxliner cck is an innovative new addition to mondis portfolio of structured liners, which already includes structured pck liners. mondi liners provide excellent layflat properties and dimensional stability.source httpwww.mondigroup.comproductsdesktopdefault.aspxtabid1346345read27584