Haiselmeier i-pen

Haiselmeier i-pen

The Haselmeier i-pen is a reusable, variable dose injection device designed for use with a standard 3ml cartridge. The i-pen features an attractive design and high variability for customization and choice of color. Designed from extensive research and patient testing, the i-pen is designed to meet the needs of self-injecting patients. Available as a standard Haselmeier design or customized to your specific requirements.


The i-pen incorporates the following features:

Compact size for easy handling and portability

Anodized aluminium body, to provide years of reliability

Multiple injections and variable dosage, with easy customization Large and easy-to-read dose indicator, well suited for patients with reduced visual capabilities

Dose correction to avoid injection errors and loss of product Manual insertion and injection

Dose increments from 0.01ml to 0.6ml

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