good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 32, vol. 2, 2007



1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp recycled pet food containers &nbsp&nbsp2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp tube testing sensor system &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp rfid reader &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 120 deep skirt taperstack closure &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp firenze square jars &nbsp&nbsp&nbsprecycled pet food containers &nbsphuhtamaki is one of the first companies to introduce thermoformed food packaging made of rpet. the first products made of rpet recycled polyethylene terephthalate are thermoformed salad packs with an ovallike shape making the packs more efficient in terms of shelf space utilization, transportation and warehousing. &nbspthese exclusive packs, available in the uk, are designed to be filmsealed and come with a clip lid. the film sealing adds a level of tamper evident feature while the packs are sealed and product freshness and shelf life is enhanced. tube testing sensor system &nbsptactilus surface pressure mapping technology employs a sensor that serves as an electronic skin to record and interpret pressure distribution and magnitude between two contacting or mating surfaces, aids in r&ampd, development, and quality control for evaluation of where and how a tube fatigues, as well as when labels delaminate, sensor element encases a tube so that when pressure is exerted, a profile illustrates where and how much force is applied to expel contents and gives insight into squeezing techniques. &nbspmore details at reader &nbspmultiantenna reader system24 uses up to 24 antenna ports to connect from a single antenna up to 24 independent reader antennas , uses the full performance of the phase jitter modulation rfid protocol standardized and published in isoiec 180003 mode 2 , achieves real identification rates exceeding 600 tagssecond. more details at deep skirt taperstack closure innovative molding introduced its new 120 deep skirt taperstack closure at pack expo. the new 120 deep skirt taperstack closure features a stacking shelf, which enables the caps to nest together. forming stacked logs protects the closures shape during shipping and warehousing to maintain the highest structural integrity while reducing gram weight by more than 20 percent. firenze square jars union, nj the cosmetic packaging group, a division of o.berk company, is now promoting the firenze line of square jars in pet. the jars are available in four sizes 4oz, 6oz and 8oz with a 70400 finish and 16oz with an 89400 finish. the firenze square jars are ideal for many cosmeticpersonal care and healthcarecosmeceutical products including creams, lotions, bath gels, scrubs, body smoothers, etc. this line can be further enhanced with optional frosting, custom colors, and other decorating options. visit our informative website at to view these as well as many of our other glass, plastic, metal bottles, jars, jugs, cans, and closure releasestechnical papers &nbsppartial, weak or no seal in induction sealing troubleshooting guidewww.packagingconnections.comdownloadsdownload110.pdf &nbsp&nbsphappy

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