good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 31, vol. 2, 2007



1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp single lip flat bottom &nbsp&nbsp2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp onthego with tetra top carton &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp color changing films for perishable foods &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp selfvent vffs for microwave &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp airless and tube technologies for delicate formulas &nbspsingle lip flat bottom for the new petfood brand the new bag, which is the only one of its kind in europe, offers a number of benefits, from how easy it is to implement on the production line to how practical and simple it is for users to open. the bags first unique characteristic is an added flat bottom, which ensures that the bag takes its shape instantly and makes it possible to optimise filling rates and significantly reduce waste on the packaging line. the second benefit is a lateral gusset that is carefully cut, providing complete waterproofing and conservation over time thanks to the inert gas used in the packaging process. this same cut on the this new bag was launched by energal, owner of the brand equilibre et instinct in june 2007 and developed by alcan packagingonthego with tetra top carton bottle &nbsparla foods in sweden launched six onthego products in tetra top carton bottlethe six products where previously packed in plastic bottles but as production was to be moved to another dairy arla foods decided to make the shift to carton bottles. the benefits now seem quite clear tetra top carton bottle is a good choice for products positioned on health, onthego and environment.color changing plastic films for perishable foods to indicate spoilage ability to sight spoiled perishable food items because the packaging has changed its color, or to spot a counterfeit dollar bill by stretching it to see if it changes hue, will soon be possible. these types of promising commercial applications are being developed with a new type of flexible plastic film developed by scientists at the university of southampton in the united kingdom and the deutsches kunststoffinstitut dki in darmstadt, germany. these polymer opal films belong to a class of materials known as photonic crystals. such crystals are built of many tiny repeating units, and are usually associated with a large contrast in the components optical properties, leading to a range of frequencies, called a photonic bandgap, where no light can propagate in any direction. instead, these new opal films have a small contrast in their optical properties. as with other artificial opal structures, they are also selfassembling, in that the small constituent particles assemble themselves in a regular structure. but this selfassembly is not perfect, and though meant to be periodic, they have significant irregularities. in these materials, the interplay between the periodic order, the irregularities, and the scattering of small inclusions strongly affect the way the light travels through these films, just as in natural opal gem stones, a distant cousin of these materials. for example, light may be reflected in unexpected directions that depend on the lights wavelength. more information at selfvent vffs for microwave the amcor selfvent vffs vertical form fill seal system from amcor flexibles has been chosen by tesco, the uks leading supermarket retailer, and its supplier greenvale ap plc for one of its own label fresh prepared range tesco new potatoes.amcor selfvent vffs is a patent pending steam venting system developed especially for fresh produce and its use in the microwave. amcor selfvent packs can be placed directly into the microwave without the need for piercing or tearing of the packs. the system has been developed to save time for the consumer cutting cooking time by around 70 compared to the conventional hob cooking method and with the added environmental benefit of saving energy. this cooking method also ensures more vitamins are retained in the product and not lost in the cooking water.&nbspthe 30 micron recyclable opp film has a special disruptor system applied in register to the pack at the same time as printing which controls the venting of the pack when pressure builds up during cooking. amcor flexibles neocel in portugal applied this system whilst gravure printing the design. the amcor selfvent packaging has also been designed to give the potato product optimised shelf life using amcor pplus map modified atmosphere packaging technology which further enhances the high quality of the product.airless and tube technologies for delicate formulas quadpack presents the new flexible airless &amp tube. it can be put in any position with minimum space requirements hand and toiletry bags a pack with the advantages of airless technology100 of the product is used by the consumer delicate formula are protected, as the bulk has no contact with airthe airless pack is assembled with the sophisticated cv pump no metal parts are in contact with the formula state of art design, ideal for all product viscosities it is ergonomic for ease of use the product is delivered in exact quantity 0.22ml even with variable force to actuate &nbspmore information at press releasestechnical papers &nbspguide on purchasing uv processwww.packagingconnections.comdownloadsdownload109.pdf &nbsp&nbsphappy

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