good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 25, vol. 2, 2007



1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp unique cover girl trushine lipstick packaging &nbsp2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp laser technology &nbspon blister packaging &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp bitubag a flexible container bag &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp biodegradable basf plastics &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp project to lightweight glass bottles &nbsp&nbsp&nbspunique cover girl trushine lipstick packaging rexam has produced an eyecatching lipstick packaging concept for cover girl that incorporates a holographic foil base that creates a reflective surface and delivers a unique visual pattern on each and every lipstick.&nbspa transparent top on the cover allows for shade evidence of each lipstick making selection easy for the consumer and efficient for the retailer. a weighted base provides value and substance to this otherwise sleek 5050 lipstick package design. more details laser technology &nbspon blister packaging qiagen adopts a laser imaging system to increase line speeds and improve the print quality of its blister packs. &nbspqiagen nv installed its multivac rc 530 blister line eight years ago, the machine prints three blister packs in one step, which is the equivalent of 30 individual blisters.&nbspqiagen employed datalases packmark process to image all information, including lot codes, date of manufacturing, expiry dates, and storage details, onto the steripaper that forms the blister lids. datalase worked with siegwerk group international to develop an ink that features the datalase chemistry. vereinigte papierwarenfabriken in feuchtwangen, germany produces the steripaper, which is made of a cleanroomproduced paper with a paper coat weight of 80 gm. vereinigte coats the paper with the laserresponsive ink and prints it with the qiagen logo.&nbspafter the multivac rc 530 thermoforms the pvcfoil material, products are sorted and placed into blister cavities via a pneumatic handling system. the steripaper, which is now coated with the datalase chemistry, is then exposed to a co laser printer from foba that causes the packmark chemistry to undergo a color change reaction, forming a positive contrast image. the image becomes an integral part of the pack and is protected from chemical and physical damage or tampering.&nbspafter printing, the underside of the steripaper, which contains a glue grid, is heatsealed to the underfoil. &nbspbitubag a flexible container bag &nbspworldwide, bitumen, one of the major elements when making &nbspa road, is transported in &nbspmetal barrels. the barrels take up a lot of room even when they are empty, and they can only be used once and then turn into hazardous waste. an austrian company has found a solution for this problem the bitumen is cooled like liquid chocolate and puts the material in giant plastic bags. this procedure enormously reduces the cost of building insfrastructure. once filled, the bagged bitumen can be stored at any place available without heating for a longer period e.g. to be sold at higher prices in a season of peak demand. more information at biodegradable basf plastics &nbspthe biodegradable basf plastics ecoflex and ecovio recently received the if material award 2007. &nbspecoflex can be employed with great versatility especially in the packaging sector since it is waterproof, tearresistant, elastic, printable and weldable.ecovio, a further development of ecoflex, is the first basf plastic based on renewable raw materials. the plastic consists to the extent of almost 50 of polylactic acid pla derived from corn. the other component is the biodegradable plastic ecoflex based on petrochemicals. from ecovio customers can produce tailormade blends. depending on the mixing ratio of ecovio with ecoflex or pla more flexible or more rigid formulations are possible. even on its own ecoflex allows many different applications including mulch films in agriculture, cling films, laminates for packaging and breathable films in the hygiene sector to name just a few examples. &nbspmore information at project to lightweight glass bottles top brands, bottle manufacturers, retailers and technology experts have teamed up under a ukgovernment programme to cut 20,000 tonnes of glass from beer, cider and spirit packaging. the project, which is being run by the waste &amp resources action programme wrap, aims to make the cuts from the uk waste stream by march releases &nbspselect the hassel free insert feeders. free download fusion pharma feedvisit download at www.packagingconnections.comdownloadsdownload100.pdf&nbsp&nbsphappy

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