good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 24, vol. 2, 2007



&nbsp1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp rexam pharma bangalore 2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp eu reports on greenhouse gas emissions &nbsp&nbsp3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp cerenol made from 100 renewable resources &nbsp&nbsp4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp safe chemical dispensing&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp ultrathin metal detector &nbsp&nbsp&nbsprexam pharma bangalore sandeep goyal, an alumni of indian institute of packaging, rochester institute of technology, ny and with various other qualifications has been appointed the business head sales &amp marketing of rexam pharma bangalore in india. sandeep has been involved with rexam pharma since 2001 for their various business development activities through his consulting company packdrome international which he started after leaving pepsicos regional director packaging position for asia. sandeep has always been working on various niche packaging ideas to bring to india and this was one of them. he is also working brining speciality functional labels from schreiner medipharm to india. he can be reached at pharma banaglore is making eye dropper bottles in india for both domestic and export markets and have plans to get into many other pharma packaging products in the near future to meet the needs of indian pharmaceutical companies.&nbspeu reports on greenhouse gas emissions carbon dioxide co2 emissions from plants participating in the eu emissions trading scheme ets increased by 0.3 per cent in 2006, indicating that manufacturers are working to become more environmentallyfriendly.&nbspdupont cerenol made from 100 renewable resources dupont announced its next polymer family made with renewable resources dupont cerenol, which is made from 100 percent renewable resources. &nbspthis patented new product line joins dupont sorona as the newest polymer family made with corn instead of petroleum. cerenol enhances the performance of a diverse portfolio of enduse products that range from running shoes and ski boots to cosmetics, automotive components and spandex fiber chemical dispensing&nbsp the new drumquik pro chemical dispensing system from colder products provides safe, easy, and economic extraction of chemicals from drums, jerry cans, and other bulk transfer containers while helping to reduce costly spills, contain hazardous spills, and enhance workplace safety. &nbspeasytouse, closedsystem design combines into 1 integrated unit a recyclable bung closure and a diptube with a reusable quick disconnect coupler, ensuring that both sides are sealed from point of origin to point of use. a builtin port allows a pressure feed connection, speeding chemical flow and preventing release of harmful vapors. system is made of fdaapproved pe and is suitable for singleuse applications. &nbspmore information at ultrathin metal detector lock inspection systems offers the met30 v3 waferthin metal detector, measuring just 3 thick and able to fit tight parameters. designed for installation in highspeed packaging systems, detector provides sensitivity for snack, confectionery, and pharmaceutical products. mounted after the filler spout, just prior to foil pouch or metal can packaging, the unit detects and rejects contaminated particles. may be custombuilt to suit specifications. userfriendly operation involves electronics mounted directly on the metal detector search head and easily accessible from a remote keypad. more information at www.lockinspection.compress releases dannunzio appointed member of finat board impact of foil pinholes &amp flex cracks learn how effective aluminum foil is for product protection when compared to other nonfoil high barrier materials the impact of foil pinholes and flex cracks on the moisture and oxygen barrier of flexible packaging end of line automation of flexible packaging know more about end of line automation of flexible packaging, what to specify when selecting the criteria.&nbspvisit download section at www.packagingconnections.comdownloads.htm&nbsp&nbsphappy

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