good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 23, vol. 2, 2007



1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp long life milk packaging solution 2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp new cleaning device from alphasonics &nbsp3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp tim hortons armed &amp ready &nbsp4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp avc unveils newest enviro packaging concept &nbsp5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp rexams rfid bottles comply with new regulations&nbsp &nbsplong life milk packaging solution the bottles are manufactured in xamos, a brand new pet based material specifically developed by amcor pet packaging europe. xamos achieves an extremely high opacity at a low thickness that has never been possible before with monolayer pet, allowing the bottles to deliver a fourmonth minimum shelf life for uht milk. blown on standard injection stretch blow moulding isbm machines, xamos bottles can be sterilised using both wet and dry methods. in particular, xamos bottles have shown very good thermal resistance during these aseptic processes.&nbspxamos features a matt soft touch surface, which dairy customers have identified as being more in keeping with a uht milk bottle than the typical glossy finish of traditional pet. typically lighter than alternative uht milk bottles, the material offers all the design potential of pet to create distinctive looking bottles for branding purposes.furthermore, xamos offers an oxygen barrier that is up 20 times more effective than hdpe. thanks to its monolayer cleaning device from alphasonics a new anilox cleaning device, the melanie system is being introduced at labelexpo europe. it is designed to attract interest from the smaller printer, who may not have the budget for other alphasound models, but still needs the security and peace of mind that cleaning their aniloxes with award winning alphasound technology brings. &nbspunlike any of its competitors, melanie is supplied in dual frequency, ensuring safe and effective cleaning of even the highest screen aniloxes. the smallest system, melanie600 is supplied in a 2 roll mode and will clean rolls up to 16 face. the systems are available in 2,3,4 and 6 roll versions and a simple change of a guide plate enables aniloxes from a wide variety of presses to be cleaned.tim hortons armed &amp ready tim hortons coffee shop on kandahar airfield has run its own version of the popular contest. in canada, the top prize is a toyota camry hybrid vehicle, but for the troops in afghanistan, the top prize is 1,000. there are five of those top prizes and contestants can also win hats, digital cameras, and tim hortons stuff. to help blend the coffee cup into the environment, onbrand design, a packaging design company from toronto with a broad range of clients across canada and the u.s designed a special camouflage cups with kandahar 2007 printed on them. &nbspfor more info, please visit unveils newest enviro packaging concept &nbspavc corp., the torrance, ca.based custom retail packaging manufacturer and leader in environmental packaging solutions, recently unveiled its newest green packaging solution, the envirotube. this eyecatching clear plastic retail package is made entirely from one type of plastic and can be recycled once the product is removed. the envirotube utilizes one type of plastic for the entire package, which eliminates the issue of cross contamination in the recycling stream, and can be made using most pvc alternatives. this tubelike packaging concept features an attractive look with a clamshell or thermoformed tray suspended inside, almost as if it were floating within the package. the package is sealed with end caps made from injection molded or thermoformed plastic, molded with slits in the center to hold the internal tray or clamshell and keep it suspended within the tube. by printing directly on the plastic available in up to eight colors, the envirotube does not need a printed paper insert, reducing the amount of components and further eliminating cross contamination. if desired, a removable printed paper insert can be used instead. windows can be opened anywhere on the artwork for optimum product visibility. for more information &nbspvisit the website at www.avccorp.comrexams rfid bottles comply with new regulations&nbsp rexam pharma has developed fully integrated radio frequency identification enabled plastic pharmaceutical bottles that allow compliance with fda recommendations, fully traceable life cycle and counterfeiting prevention. &nbspusing a patented technology, these new bottles allow for greater robustness and reliability of rfid functions. the integration of the tag with the bottles enables traceability from the origin of the process. the pharmaceutical companies do not have to bother anymore with applying tags and checking them since the containers are delivered already tagged. this is developed &nbsppartnership with traxxec, a rfid integrator, rexam provides full rfid implementation support and releases not sure which direction your labels are supposed to run download our helpful label winding design chartvisit download section at www.packagingconnections.comdownloads.htm&nbsp&nbsphappy &nbsp

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