good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 22, vol. 2, 2007



1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp new peelseam can 2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp pouch filler 3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp oxygen scavenger canister 4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp tamper evident banding systems 5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp systech analyser tests xylophane biodegradable packaging film &nbspnew peelseam can crown food europe has launched a new 65mm diameter bowlshaped can with easyopen peelseam peelable lid for the european singleserve food market. &nbspdeveloped in cooperation with calvo group, a leading producer of canned fish in spain, the 85g bowl is being used to launch the companys unique pat line. the peelseam opening system consists of a thin flexible aluminum lid heatsealed to a rigid steel or aluminum ring. by simply grasping the small tab on the lid, consumers can open cans smoothly and easily with a simple, fluid gesture. safe and easy to use, especially for children, the peelable lids leave no sharp edges. &nbspthese cans are ideal for packaging other singleserve readytoeat rte foods, such as tuna and meat salads, spreads, puddings, fruits and cream desserts. the shaped cans metal composition offers an unrivaled barrier against light, oxygen and water ingress to ensure product integrity, an essential feature for maintaining flavor and sterility for processed foods that are consumed without extra preparation. more information at www.crowncork.compouch filler continuousmotion mg2 cosmo horizontal pouch filler fills up to 240 pouchesmin , accommodates tablets, capsules, granulated powders, creams, etc., and requires no change of parts for parts size change . this works with pouches in widths from 40mm to 90mm, and lengths from 40mm to 160mm.more information from scavenger canister stabilox provides moisture and oxygen protection to prevent oxidative degradation of drugs in packaging, made of fdagrade hdpe, they require no additional stability testing. this is sized to be compatible with highspeed packaging systems and dispensing equipment to allow manufacturers to avoid costly production line alterations. more information from www.multisorb.comtamper evident banding systems axons tamper evident banding applicators can handle all of your tamper evident and neck band applications from 5 to over 600 packages per minute. from small businesses to large companies, axon has a secure solution right for you. more information at www.axoncorp.comproductstamperevidentbandingapplicatorshcpdigital2007act... analyser tests xylophane a systech 8001 oxygen permeation analyser is being used to test xylophane, a novel, biodegradable packaging film being developed in sweden.the new, environmentally friendly oxygen barrier film, being developed by xylophane ab, makes use of byproducts of corn straw and wood processing that are usually discarded. processing turns the byproducts into xylan, a biopolymer, which is used to produce the xylophane packaging film with oxygen barrier properties similar to currently used aluminum foil and plastic film from nonrenewable sources. xylophane is also an excellent barrier to grease and aroma.the process of turning waste hemicellulose into a packaging film was first discovered during a research project at chalmers university of technology in gteborg, sweden and is now being commercially developed by xylophane ab. mworking with a number of packaging material companies, xylophane ab is confident that the new material will soon prove to be more economical but just as effective as currently used, nonbiodegradable materials. more details at systechinstruments.compress releases child resistant &amp consumer friendly blisters download this white paper from alcoa to learn about child resistant and consumer friendly blisters. downlaod name alocoa child resistant blister packs&nbsp&nbspvisit download section at www.packagingconnections.comdownloads.htm&nbsp&nbsphappy &nbsp

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