good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 21, vol. 2, 2007



1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp fresh produce guidelines to improve safety2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp laser technology on blister packaging 3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp dogs food in trays &nbsp4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp cooking bags&nbsp &nbsp5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp rfid reader helps take human error out of blood transfusions&nbspfresh produce guidelines to improve safety the fda issued a listing of new ways packagers can safely process and package fresh fruits and vegetables. except theyre not rules as such, but guidelines. &nbsplaser technology on blister packaging qiagen employed datalases packmark process to image all information, including lot codes, date of manufacturing, expiry dates, and storage details, onto the steripaper that forms the blister lids. datalase worked with siegwerk group international to develop an ink that features the datalase chemistry. vereinigte papierwarenfabriken in feuchtwangen, germany produces the steripaper, which is made of a cleanroomproduced paper with a paper coat weight of 80 gm2. vereinigte papierwarenwerke coats the paper with the laserresponsive ink and prints it with the qiagen logo.after the multivac rc 530 thermoforms the pvcfoil material, products are sorted and placed into blister cavities via a pneumatic handling system. the steripaper, which is now coated with the datalase chemistry, is then exposed to a co2 laser printer from foba that causes the packmark chemistry to undergo a color change reaction, forming a positive contrast image. the image becomes an integral part of the pack and is protected from chemical and physical damage or tampering. after printing, the underside of the steripaper, which contains a glue grid, it is heat sealed to the underfoil. blisters are then cut and perforated.&nbspdogs food in trays forthglade ltd has selected multilayer trays from rpc bebo uk corby for its revamped dog food range. &nbspthe food is sterilised and sealed in trays to provide a long shelf life. such has been the interest in the products that forthglade is also currently developing special ownlabel ranges for leading supermarkets.&nbspfinding the appropriate packaging has been an important factor in the products success.these are quality meals cooked in the tray, so it was essential that the packs could withstand the high temperatures of the cooking process, explains bruce palmer, forthglades chairman. equally important, they had to be convenient to handle, easy to open and convey a quality image on bags&nbspflavorseal brand cooking bags from cms are suitable for cooking meats, soups and sauces at a range of temperatures from 20f to 500f. &nbspfoods cooked in flavorseal high temperature and low temperature cookin bags may go right into the freezer after cooking, and may also be used as fresh meat or produce bags. bags reduce cooking time and preserve moisture in cooked foods, resulting in less shrinkage and higher yields. in addition, bag construction prevents odors from escaping and preserves food color and nutritional content. available in a range of sizes, colors, and thicknesses. &nbspmore details at www.cmsflavorseal.comrfid reader helps take human error out of blood transfusions tiomed applies information technology in the design of patient safety systems that automate manual processes. the skyetek reader identifies the patient blood type from an rfidenabled wrist band while a bar code scanner identifies the unit blood type from the bar code on the bag&nbsppress releases download this white paper from ryson to learn about new advances in spiral conveyor technology that offer significant productivity and operational benefits where space is limited. ryson international, inc. downlaod name ryson spiral conveyor&nbspvisit download section at www.packagingconnections.comdownloads.htm&nbsphappy

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