good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 20, vol. 2, 2007



1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp sleever uvbarrier a protective solution2.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp eliminating costs for pamphlets, outserts and overpacking3.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp singledose solutions for the beauty and health sectors&nbsp&nbsp4.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp dispensing solutions sample kit&nbsp&nbsp5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp blister and wallet packingsleever uvbarrier a protective solution sleever international has developed a new decorative uvbarrier sleever concept whose transparency reveals and enhances the product whilst providing effective protection against ultraviolet light.the performance is based on a new heatshrink monooriented film developed by sleever technologies, the siopstf050zb, which is capable of blocking uv rays up to 370nanometers, whilst providing high shelf impact, tamperproof, easyopening and guarantee of origin properties to even the most complex bottle shapes.eliminating costs for pamphlets, outserts and overpackingthe sturdy, flexible, gilbreth doubleseam shrink sleeve technology presents a highimpact, lowcost, buyandtry extravalue promotional presentation for marketers of cosmetic, personal care, beauty aids, nutritional products, fancy foods, and household products packaged in bottles, jars, tubes and cartons. the secure yet flexible doubleseam shrink bond provides the consumer with fully visible 360 label access to each component eliminating the need for pamphlets, outserts and overpackaging. for optimum shelf space economy, gilbreth doubleseam shrink labels can be affixed to onside, onfront, onback or ontop positions.&nbsp gilbreth, a pioneer in shrink film printing for over 40 years, offers a broad range of shrink labels full body sleeves, tamperevident neck bands and specialty anticounterfeit sleeve labels.singledose solutions for the beauty and health sectors &nbspthe business unit plastics at bormioli rocco has devised an innovative singledose system new shakerr that allows the user to mix the product quickly and easily. he simply has to screw the closure allowing the plunger to perforate the plug for releasing the powder within. the user then shakes the pack to mix the contents and unscrews the cap with one movement. the company proposed to its customers a plug for singledose with excellent barrier properties. this material prevents the humidity from getting into the plug and keeps the powder dry. ideal for pharmaceuticaldietary products for which the two components powder and liquid must be kept separate until the moment of use. this innovation enhances the shelf life of the product.the singledose dispenser can be used either as applicator or dropper according to your needs and has been conceived for both vials and pet samples. it can be combined with screw neck bottles of different capacities 7 ml8093, 10 ml 8056 and 15 ml 8083. .the singledose key is an effective senior friendly solution for the opening of singledoses the consumer has just to fit in and turn the key without effort to unscrew the cap. dispensing solutions sample kit &nbspthis includes samples of glass and unitdose plastic ampules, droppers, and swabs and designed to give pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic, and health and beauty personnel an opportunity to see and touch the various products. more details from &nbspblister and wallet packing mgs machine has introduced its latest high speed blister card folderwallet card machines, with an emphasis on modular stations and devices for future flexibility and product changeover. running at speeds to 300 packagesmin, machines produce pharmaceutical wallet cards or provide assembly and folding of of heatsealed cards. configurable either inline with blister thermoformer or offline in batch mode.&nbsp more details from releases czech republic on the upswing mould &amp matic solutions welcomes its 50th employeeat the czech subsidiary slusovice&nbsp fully recyclable and with 60 million us unit sales per annum to demonstrate its marketability sunpaq is a premium visual carded packaging option that combines the best of blister, skin and shrink packaging solutions to deliver high pointofpurchase impact and maximum shelf appeal. this is made possible through a unique structural technology that means products can be displayed with total visibility, both front and back&nbspvisit download section at www.packagingconnections.comdownloads.htm&nbsphappy &nbsp

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