good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 17, vol. 2, 2007



hightemperature packaging research &nbsp selfvent vffs the spanish choice for microwavable potatoes teen skin care products pack inspiration bottle cap configurations for liquids packaging savings for marks &amp spencerhightemperature packaging research the technology programme led by the uk department of trade and industry dti is supporting a new initiative to develop hightemperature electronics packaging solutions for downwell and aero engine applications. there is a growing desire to install electronic power and control systems in hightemperature environments in order to improve the accuracy of critical measurements and reduce the cost of cabling from remote and hostile locations.&nbsp operating temperatures above 200c which are typical of these types of application in combination with high pressures, vibrations and potentially corrosive environments mean that different semiconductors, passive components, circuit boards and assembly processes will be needed to fulfil the target performance specifications.&nbspselfvent vffs the spanish choice for microwavable potatoes the amcor selfvent vffs system from amcor flexibles has been chosen by spanish company patatas naturales for a new product in its potato range pat micro in which the 500g pack cooks in just 7 minutes in the microwave.&nbspamcor selfvent vffs is a patent pending steam venting system developed especially for fresh produce for use in the microwave. amcor selfvent packs can be placed directly into the microwave without the need for piercing or tearing of the packs. the system has been developed to save time for the consumer cutting cooking time by around 70 compared to the conventional hob cooking method and with the added environmental benefit of saving energy. the 35 micron recyclable opp film has a special disruptor system applied in register to the pack at the same time as printing which controls the venting of the pack when the pressure builds up during cooking. amcor flexibles neocel in portugal applied this system whilst gravure printing the design. the amcor selfvent packaging has been designed to give all the potato products optimised shelf life using amcor pplus map technology this further enhances the high quality of the product.teen skin care products pack inspiration teen everyday skincare system tess was created a little more than a year ago, with its skincare products for teen girls developed by entrepreneurial moms and their teenage daughters, as well as with input from teen girls in focus groups around the country. to appeal to teen girls required not only good products, but also cheerful, modern packaging.&nbspthe cosmetic packaging group, o.berk co. provides the bottles and closures that meet those requirements. &nbspmessages printed onto various packaging components include phrases such as dare to dream, speak your mind, and never settle. tess is using o.berks 2oz and 4oz clear and white pet boston round bottles with white disc dispensing caps or finemist spray tops, and 4oz clear pet widemouth jars with white smoothsided caps. color hues on containers and caps match brand formulations and colors.&nbsphaving spent 20 years as coowner of the shand group, a marketing and branding company, i recognize the importance of the look of the brand as a key to its success, notes shand. the first thing the consumer sees is the packaging. it sets the tone for whats to come. the product itself is amazing, so the packaging has to portray that.&nbspbottle cap configurations for liquids biochem valve inc. and omnifit ltd. offers for the safe containment of volatile vapors and transfer of chemicals for laboratories and instrument manufacturers fit securely onto gl32, 38430, and gl45 glass solvent reservoir bottles ptfe body provides chemical inertness and seal reliability without requiring extra seals or o rings&nbsppackaging savings for marks &amp spencera wrap waste &amp resources action programme funded project trialing an innovative new way to seal flexible film bags and pouches, which can save at least ten per cent of the packaging material used on those products, is being rolled out by marks &amp spencer m&amps.&nbspthe trials were funded by wrap in partnership with international food partners ifp, who developed the technology in conjunction with ceetak ltd a uk company specialising in flexible film sealing systems. ifp worked with tilmanstone salads a salad supplier, and m&amps. called integrity seal, the new technology uses heat to melt the film to make a welded seal on the ends just 1mm wide rather than using the traditional method of crimping, which results in a much wider seal.&nbsptrials have shown that integrity seal produces a superior seal compared to crimping, and therefore has the potential to improve shelflife for example, increasing the life of certain types of salad from five to eight days. pack appearance was also well received by consumers in consumer research, who particularly felt that the new seal looked neater than traditional crimped bags&nbsp&nbsppress releases 1. interlabels industries ltd india evolution and innovation to meet the global market requirements2. mr sandeep goyal of packaging connections made a presentation on 200 packaging innovations at indian institute of packaging, hyderabd on their one year celebration.&nbspfurther details download section at www.packagingconnections.comdownloads.htm & &nbsp

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