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good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 16, vol. 2, 2007


sleeving and packing system &nbsp repackaging releevs theft woes the ecotoolbox crisp packing line boosts walkers production novelis create innovative aluminium packaging for cosmeticssleeving and packing system &nbspaf setline sleevepacking system combines sleeving and case packing into a spacesaving, costeffective operation , forms multipack sets in groups at the filler outfeed, placing these product sets into a sleeving station, where sleeves are applied , powered ty a twinline twoaxis robot, to provide cycle times required to reach speeds to 300 sleevesmin, and 60 cases or traysmin. &nbsprepackaging releevs theft woes merix pharmaceutical corp. switched its retail packaging for releev 1 day cold sore symptom treatment to blisterguard security package from colbert packaging to thwart tampering and pilferage and meet retailer demands.&nbspblisterguard comprises everest safepak foldover 16pt sbs blister board from international paper. everest safepak is a heatsealable, tearresistant bleached paperboard laminated with a highstrength valron strength film from valron strength films, an itw co. the 3mil crosslaminated highdensity polyethylene film makes blisterguard virtually tearproof. colbert prints blisterguard in five colors via offset.a pvc thermoform and an electronic article surveillance device are trapped between the folded, laminated material before it is heatsealed. the pack also has a tearresistant hanger hole.the ecotoolbox to help package designers make informed decisions, kraft developed an ecotoolbox. the toolbox and emphasis on sustainable packaging has helped kraft to find optimum design scenarios, allowing for combinations of reducing the amount of material used, increasing recycled content, andor minimizing environmental impact upon disposal.the ecotoolbox compares material type, material weight, recycle content, recyclable materials, and other key considerations for increasing the sustainability of a package. the toolbox is used in the package development process to help our packaging developers consider a range of parameters and understand the environmental impact across many different options, says roger zellner, director sustainability global technology &amp quality, kraft foods. the eco toolbox originated at krafts european packaging center and was subsequently adopted as a packagingfunction best practice across the organization.&nbspcrisp packing line boosts walkers productionpepsicoowned walkers has extended its contract with schubert to install more of the companys highspeed packing lines.the schubert tlmf44 line continuously places crisp bags into a series of horizontal flow wrappers. it is capable of handling up to three different varieties, a range of pack sizes and reaches packing speeds of up to 480 bags per minute.according to schubert, the equipment also makes use of the companys patented counterflow principle whereby two chains run against the flow of the conveyor to guarantee only fullyloaded chain divisions.novelis create innovative aluminium packaging for cosmeticsus based rolled packaging products company, novelis has created a new range of bright finish aluminium sheet products for the cosmetics industry designed by its european plant.the products, created in italy, are being supplied to numerous industries with highly reflective material in two designs lacquered and uncoated specialty finishes. &nbspdesigned for numerous industries, the aluminium sheets could be set to innovate the cosmetics packaging industry thanks to their alleged ability for greater reflective qualities and image clarity. general manager for novelis in italy, emilio braghi, said, a bright sheet product using novelis fusion technology could replace traditionally clad material in some applications, offering superior combinations of core material strength and special surface characteristics for anodizing application.already being pitted for use on absolute vodka bottles, the new bright sheet range comes in a number of sizes for both the lacquered and uncoated finishes. thicknesses range from 0.25mm to 1mm with widths up to 1,250mm.&nbsp&nbsppress releases 1. cyclop new touchscreen advanced stretchwrapperoffers best ever film economy&nbsp&nbsp 2. strapex&nbsp new pallet wrappers extend end of line capability for strapex&nbspfurther details download section at www.packagingconnections.comdownloads.htm &nbsp