good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 13, vol. 2, 2007



international packaging centre in india surlyn for cosmetics design waterless induction sealing new ampoule transfer system aroma dispensersinternational packaging centre in india indian institute of packaging, hyderabad celebrated their one year of successful functioning. during the celebration, they also organized small seminar for the packaging protection. their director mr dhar spoke on why packaging for india and why not a topic specifically selected by centre head mr b k karna. during the celebration, spoke on 200 packaging innovations. during the discussions, it was also declared that in 2008 they will also lay down the foundation of international packaging centre. &nbspsurlyn for cosmetic design surlyn can also be injection moulded. surlyn offers the transparency of glass, without the weight and fragility, whilst it can also be frosted, faceted or finished to obtain special effects, or coloured to create elegant translucency. the company said that technological advances in processing have enabled more sophisticated forms of transparent packaging that gives shaped and functionality&nbspwaterless induction sealing approved by fda hartland wi pillar technologies with the fda clamping down on regulations concerning tamperresistant packaging, pharmaceutical packagers must find ways to comply as outlined in sec. 450.500 tamperresistant packaging requirements for certain overthecounter otc human drug products cpg 7132a.17 background. this can be found on the fda web site under compliance policy guides. pillar technologies waterless unifoiler and watercooled foiler induction sealing systems meet or exceed these government regulations. as stated in section 6 of packaging systems&nbsp&nbsp . 6. container mouth inner seals. paper, thermal plastic, plastic film, foil, or a combination thereof, is sealed to the mouth of a container e.g., bottle under the cap. the seal must be torn or broken to open the container and remove the product. the seal cannot be removed and reapplied without leaving visible evidence of entry. seals applied by heat induction to plastic containers appear to offer a higher degree of tamperresistance than those that depend on an adhesive to create the bond. new ampoule transfer system newman labelling systems has launched the ampoule transfer system designed to ensure smooth online operation of ampoule labelling. glass ampoules are a significant and effective form of sterile packaging for injectable products but they are notoriously difficult to handle due to their dimensions and each stage of the transfer process ampoules are delicately handled without the need for synchronised starwheels to feed screws, ensuring ampoule breakage is eliminated, whilst at the same time providing an accumulation buffer between the labelling system and inspection equipment.&nbsp such a design not only prevents wastage from damaged product, but also reduces the security and health risks associated with manual handling.aroma dispensers &nbspgreiner assistec one of the leading companies in the european packaging industry develops new generation of decorative protective containers and small oil bottles. it convinces through tasteful look and considerably improved usage.greiner assistec optimised the fragrance dispensers in many different ways. up to now, you could not help touching the oilsoaked wick, when changing the oil, but from now on, an innovative top lid provides for a touchfree oil exchange.decorative protective containers for the designs flower and home are basic components of the fragrance dispensers. they protect the oil mixture from damaging exposure to the sun and provide for the proper stability of the small oil bottle. due to their attractive look they are an eyecatcher in a home.for the production of the oil bottles, greiner assistec uses injection blow moulding and for the production of the decorative protective containers injection moulding technology. the small oil bottles contain 2530 millilitre and a single filling can supply the air in a room with fragrance for up to 1000 hours.

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