good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 12, vol. 2, 2007



polystyrene foam performs then degrades a new polystyrene foam for food packaging offers accelerated degrading with no loss of performance while in use, its manufacturer claims. polystyrene is extensively used as food packaging because of its low cost and insulating properties. canadian firm cascades claims its bioxo oxodegradable polystyrene foam containers break down within three years, with no loss of performance while used as a packaging material. conventional polystyrene containers can take hundreds of years to break down, although the process can be accelerated considerably using chemicals and other methods. these, however, are costly both costly and cause further environmental damage.bioxo uses totally degradable plastic additives tdpac, developed by canadian polymer additives supplier epi. the additive, mixed with the base resin acts as a catalyst to promote degradation, without compromising performance while the material is used as a package, the manufacturer claims.after use, the foam degrades through exposure to oxygen, heat and ultraviolet light or mechanical stress into a fine powder. once broken down, bacteria and other microorganisms can digest the powder.the breakdown process will release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and so while the shortage of landfill space may be alleviated, the solution will inevitably add to the problems of greenhouse gas emissions.&nbspimpact resistant packages klckner pentaplasts full range of pentamed films ensure impactresistant packages that guard against contamination through a range of sealing and sterilization options. learn more at transparent polymer film targets reduced costs the austriabased company &nbspsaid its new grade of borclear is intended for the production of high transparent pp blown films used in food packaging. borclear rb709cf now provides the food industry with packaging that has improved optics and sealing behaviour, and film converters and extruders with a product that provides costeffective, environmentallyfriendly processing, the company said. the combination of properties allows plastic film packaging producers to reduce the amount of film required, thanks to the materials high stiffness. it has a heat resistance of up to 100c and low hexane levels, thus meeting us standards, the company claimed. the company describes rb709cf as a random copolymer pp characterised by brilliant clarity, outstanding sealing performance, high stiffness and good printability.&nbsp&nbsppizza flowwrapper reduces packaging size and costs a new modified atmosphere packaging map system for pizzas reduces the need for two machines.pfm packaging machinery claims its mistral flowrapper uses a laminated film, which removes the need for additional cardboard packaging.traditional pizza packaging requires two machines to wrap and then to box. removing the cardboard packaging reduces production and freight cost because the wrapped pizzas are smaller than boxed. pizzas are packed in laminated film, which helps to maintain form, texture and colour of the finished product, the company claims. the film supplied can be preprinted by pfm with date codes and packaging helps to preserve the vitamin and fat content, ensuring the pizzas look and taste fresh.petrol will be produced from plastic bags scientists of d.mendeleev university of chemical technology of russia have developed a technology that enables to produce one liter of petrol from one kilo of utilized plastic bags.using this technology from one kilo of domestic plastic wastes it is possible to manufacture one liter of petrol and one liter of fuel gas in this process output of gasoline fraction makes up 90. wastes of this recycling process are black viscous substances that remind oil tar and contain mass of powder catalyst. that is why they are returned to production process and are used for the second time. &nbspspecial announcementindian company having packaging innovations to report then you can do that now through good morning packaging. simply email the details to packagingindia@packagingconnections.comif you are not the indian company but have packaging innovations that you think would be good for india, then email the details forindia@packagingconnections.compress releasethe alltec laser business unit offers a system that completely registers and in the end corrects all errors that might lead to position inaccuracies during laser marking.

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