good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 11, vol. 2, 2007



a handle on beverages biodegradable lipstick tube digital laser sorter for frozen vegetables retort pouch within a pouch intelligent packaging is as simple as printinga handle on beverages a big business at the 400 costa coffee cafs in the u.k. is selling coffee for takeaway. portadrink is a onehanded carrier, designed for two, three or four cups. it is sheetfed litho or reelfed flexographic printed in up to six colors. the frvi carry board is fabricated by swedish firm korsns frvi. the board is light, strong and offers excellent wet and tear strength propertiesvital for safe and sturdy hot drink carriers. korsns uses a fourlayer virgin fiber board with an unbleached bottom layer and a tcf totally chlorine free bleached claycoated top layer. for more information, please visit lipstick tube cargo cosmetics introduces plantlove, the first ever biodegradable lipstick tube made entirely from corn. the lipstick tube is made from pla or polylactic acid, the first polymer made from corn, a renewable resource that is biodegradable. also, pla production emits less greenhouse gases and thus helps in the fight against global warming manmade emissions of greenhouse gases are widely believed to be the most significant contributor to global climate change. even the outer box is ecofriendly. the carton is made with biodegradable flower paper, infused with real flower seeds. simply moisten the packaging and plant. in weeks, a beautiful arrangement of wild flowers will grow in your pot or garden. for more information visit digital laser sorter for frozen vegetables a new laser sorter system uses digital rather than analogue methods to more accurately remove foreign materials from frozen vegetables, according to its manufacturer visys. laser sorters are used in industry to ensure no visible contaminants get included in their packaged productsretort pouch within a pouch retorted pouchwithinapouch from wyeast labs protects sensitive yeast products. wyeast laboratories, inc., hood river, or, a leading producer of pure liquid yeast products fermentation cultures for beer and winemaking.the heattolerant, flexcrackresistant pouches supplied by ampac incorporate a packaging structure made from a proprietary highbarrier adhesive lamination that provides protection from both oxygen and ultraviolet uv light.jenny logsdon, gm of wyeast labs, explains, because oxygen stimulates yeast metabolism, our packaging must protect our yeast from exposure. the yeast needs to rest in a dormant state so that it does not metabolize in the package, which would deplete the energy it needs for fermentation. also, if the yeast is exposed to light, you will get cell mutation, which results in cell death and lower cell counts. the shelf life of our liquid yeast is up to six months when refrigerated at the appropriate temperature. intelligent packaging is as simple as printing a new company has been formed to launch a revolutionary technique for printing electronic circuitry onto packaging using conventional printing techniques.&nbsp novalia, based in cambridge, has filed patent applications for a completely new system to produce simple circuitry that has implications for the packaging, pharmaceutical, retail and leisure industries.imagine adding the functionality of electronics to packaging as easily as adding a barcode and at next to no cost&nbsp imagine turning a breakfast cereal box into an interactive game. imagine adding safety checks and information to drugs packaging.&nbsp the applications for this technology are almost endless anticounterfeiting, brand protection, pharmaceutical compliance, toysgames, differential marketing are just a few.special announcementindian company having packaging innovations to report then you can do that now through good morning packaging. simply email the details to packagingindia@packagingconnections.comif you are not the indian company but have packaging innovations that you think would be good for india, then email the details forindia@packagingconnections.compress releaseonline quotations by for further details, visit download section of

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