good morning packaging keeping pace with packaging around the world, issue 10, vol. 2, 2007



alcan packaging introduced an innovative blister packaging solution alcan packaging singen, of germany, demonstrated its expertise in the pharmaceutical sector with its innovative formpack with desiccant.&nbsp formpack with integrated blue desiccant on the inner sealing layer meets the challenge of restricting cross diffusion of moisture by providing a 100 barrier. the base laminate is made from opaalutie layerpe desiccantpe and the lidding layer from lacqueralupe.low seal lidding constantia teich, of austria, performed its innovative low seal lidding for unilever food europes margarines.developed by constantia teich in conjunction with unilever it provides a tight and peelable seal on pp and ps containers at significantly lower temperatures than were previously possible 150c compared with more than 200c. to achieve the low temperature seal properties a coextrusion coating of selected polymers replaces the normally used lacquered sealing layer.low seal lidding can be printed conventionally in rotogravure and flexo but can also be printed using uvflexo technology. the result is an attractive alufoilbased lidding that eliminates the risk of shrinkage of the sealing area which can lead to badly fitting snapon lids. the use of foilbased lidding with a minimised temperature input during the sealing step ensures both preservation of the product and excellent product appearance as the risk of product melting during the sealing process is eliminated.diamondclear oxygen scavenger receives fda approval offering customers improved package clarity constars revolutionary diamondclear oxygen scavenger technology has completed the fdas food contact notification process and is now available for certain applications. this achievement again demonstrates constars commitment to providing the marketplace with superior oxygen scavenging technologies for rigid packaging and is an important step in the evolution of diamondclear. providing a high degree of clarity and exceptional gloss, the patented diamondclear oxygen scavenger is blended directly into pet polyethylene terephthalate to create a highly cost effective monolayer structure. . not only does diamondclear offer superior oxygen barrier protection, it also provides brandowners with a glasslike appearance in consumerfriendly pet.&nbsp&nbspnew mathematical model developed for plastic packaging &nbspa new mathematical model developed by german researchers is designed to help processors estimate the amount of plastic packaging additives that may migrate into foods. the new modelling system was developed by researchers at the fraunhofer institute for process engineering and packaging ivv as a means of helping companies stay on the right side of the law.they are working with nine packaging companies as part of a collaborative eufunded project called foodmigrosure. so far the results suggest that current means of calculating additive migration may be too low.the scientists claim their method is cheaper and more accurate than existing methods of calculation. they estimate companies can save on testing costs by a factor of between a hundred and a thousand times compared to sending samples to a laboratory.&nbspnano project aims to reduce packaging waste &nbspdanone, the french food and beverage giant, is taking part in a research project into nanotechnology that could result in stronger plastic packing that also reduces waste.the project, based at queens university, belfast, and funded with a 2.5m government grant, aims to reduce raw material usage and improving polymer performance.researchers hope to achieve this by harnessing nanotechnology the technique of controlling and manipulating matter at near atomic scales to create new materials and devices.

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