Fingerprint resistant water based surface protection film

Fingerprint resistant water based surface protection film

Pregis LLC has introduced a cost-effective, temporary surface protection film specifically-designed for new generation, fingerprint-resistant or specialty-coated products.



Pregis PolyMask 23107C is ideal for plastic and painted metal surfaces, with light matte, high gloss or brushed finishes. Coated onto linear low-density polyethylene film, the proprietary adhesive offers the characteristics of both emulsion-based acrylic and solvent-based rubber chemistry. The end result is a material with smooth initial tack, combined with an excellent cohesive strength to resist micro-transfer to the substrate. This also has fingerprint-resistant surfaces. Increasingly, manufacturers are using specialty coatings to create visual aesthetics (gloss, tint or color), protect the surface, or provide benefits (anti-glare). During development, PolyMask 23107C was subjected to a wide range of environmental testing. Even after months of heat aging, the proprietary, water-based adhesive chemistry could be removed easily, without leaving residue.

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