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Envio Films


Coveris introduced its latest packaging solution, envio films, at pack expo. the forming and nonforming films offer cheese producers advantages in ease of use, food safety, cost containment and shelf impact. this film is compatible with hffs machines, with no need for forming or sealing temperatures adjustments or changing sealing pressure and vacuum timing. the caliper control increases machine efficiencies and eliminates baggy edges and tracking problems. the extreme toughness and hermetic seals ensure lockin freshness and protection of the product through the entire distribution chain. they offer excellent oxygen and moisture barrier protection and uniform material distribution in formed pockets leads to minimization of pinholes and blowouts coveris global logistics network ensures that films are available as needed. once products reach the stores, envio films will grant the maximum shelf impact. the film&rsquos 2030 haze reduction 4.5 haze& 86 gloss combined with flexo and hd printing options lets the meat or cheese shine through the pack.