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Enval helps Little Freddie increase pouch recycling by 526%

Back in 2018, we created the Laminates League to raise awareness around the recyclability of laminate packaging and developed a process for recycling it. One of our first members was premium organic baby and toddler food company Little Freddie, who by joining the scheme became the first UK baby food brand to offer a zero-waste-to-landfill recycling scheme to its customers. This came as part of the company’s ‘Big Green Plan’ to improve the environmental impact of its products. 

Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve enabled the recycling of over 625,000 pouches that otherwise would have ended up in landfill, or polluted our natural environment.

The Laminates League’s model is simple: customers can request pre-paid recycling kits from participating brands’ websites that they can then use to send us their pouches. Using our unique proprietary pyrolysis solution, which can handle low-density packaging waste, we recycle each component of the pouches into materials that can be reprocessed and put back into circulation. Our technology separates the plastic and aluminium from the pouches and prevents them from ending up in landfill. This ultimately creates a circular process for aluminium recycling, as waste materials can be turned into the building blocks used to manufacture new materials, before being reintroduced into the supply chain. The recycled aluminium is re-used to make new aluminium products, while the plastic is recycled into oil; we are now working with the plastic producers to use this oil to make new virgin plastics.

2020 marked a turning point for Little Freddie, as it was able to introduce our recycling mailbags in 130 Sainsbury’s stores and online, a first in the UK. The bags retail at 99p at no profit and are now also stocked online by Ocado, Eversfield Organic and Farmdrop, as well as in-store by Daylesford. This expansion into supermarkets and online retailers has smoothed the process for end consumers, making it easier than ever before for them to send us their pouches.

We also expanded the Little Freddie scheme further, accepting pouches from all baby food brands. As a result, the number of pouches recycled has skyrocketed, increasing by an astonishing 526%. This is an incredible achievement for the Laminates League. With more brands joining our recycling scheme we are confident that we will soon be able to work with local authorities, waste handlers and other contractors to develop and implement a proper collection and segregation system across the UK.

If you are a brand or a retailer wishing to expand the recyclability of your products and strengthen the profitability and sustainability of your company, then please contact us to join the Laminates League.