E-Commerce companies choosing antitheft packaging

anti-theft packaging to secure goods from in-transit theft and tampering


E-commerce major Flipkart on Tuesday said it has developed "anti-theft" packaging to secure goods from in-transit theft and tampering.

They were designed specifically for high-net products like mobiles, tablets, and watches. They are launching a unique and exclusive pilferage protection box, which is currently awaiting patent grant, incorporates special security features in shipment.

This box comes with many protective features to ensure that customers do not receive stolen or damaged shipments.

Flipkart said the packaging will take substantial amount of time, resources, information, and techniques to re-open and re-seal to ensure original form of shipment.

It will ensure that in case a package has been tampered with, the next supply chain person or customer can easily detect the same and not accept the package.

Within the e-commerce industry, cases of pilferage especially of electronic goods and high-end mobiles, have been a consistent challenge for ecommerce companies everywhere.

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